How to Dress If You’re Skinny and Tall? 5 Style Tips You Need 

Do you hate it every time you shop for clothes? Do you still find it difficult to look for a shirt that covers your wrists without the need to feel as if you’re wearing a tent? Yeah, we understand that struggle, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that way always. 

The most ideal approach to dressing properly is to know the basic principles of style and use them to your body type and individual body type and personality. This may particularly be true for men who belong to the end of the body type spectrum, such as skinny and tall guys. 

If you’re already tired of failing to dress nicely for so many years now, here’s a wonderful cheat sheet of style tips made for the tall and slim guys like you: 

1. Don’t wear clothes in extremes fit 

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Fit is the first rule of style for men who are skinny and tall. You may be thinking that dressing in bigger and baggy clothing will cover your skinner build, but the truth is, it will only give you the appearance like you’re drowning in your clothes or you’re that huge fan of the 90s boy bands. This is especially true for streetwear clothing, so be careful. Meanwhile, dressing in extremely tight clothing only brings out your skinny limbs.  

In simpler words, if there is any excess fabric that covers your physique, you must bring it in so that it fits you well and flatter you a bit without being skin tight. Although a tailor is a great idea, the easiest way you can do it is to shop at brands that create clothing design for your build. 

2. Layer up your clothes

Dressing in layers is one of the best tips for tall skinny guys out there. Your goal here is to increase mass and decrease height— equalling the semblance of proportion. This means that you don’t need to wear heavy clothes, but just add layers of slim-fitting clothing. For instance, try wearing a chunky undershirt tucked into your pants to help size you a bit. 

Wearing several layers like a t-shirt, undershirt, and blazer will not only add bulkiness to your torso area but also offer a point of focus. This will be a nice distraction. 

3. Find the perfect jeans

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You’ll feel like magic when you wear the right jeans! Now that you know how to find the perfect ‘fit’, it’s time that you have faith in the process and order online. This applies to jeans also. It’s better if you get to try them on if you like to get the perfect fit. Stay away from jeans that are too baggy or hanging too low. Also, when you buy a pair of clothing or shoes online and you’re 100% sure that they’re the perfect fit, we suggest that you buy not only one but multiples if possible. Nothing is better than having a great pair of jeans. 

4. Opt for lighter colours to appear bigger 

Colours also act as great illusions, and they are considered as one of the best tools in your style arsenal. They help you to look bigger and create a more full look. For lighter colour options, your best picks are white, muted greys, and other lighter shades of any type of colour. But don’t worry yet because we don’t mean that you should never wear dark colours. Dark colours are classy and beautiful, but they can give you that slimming effect which you don’t really need. Just be careful on how you can use dark colours because it’s something you must do strategically. 

Of course, don’t forget to have fun exploring various shades and hues, and it’s not necessary that you strictly follow this rule. But you can consider this principle and apply it carefully when making decisions with your style. 

5. Know how to trick the eye 

man in red jacket standing near black car during daytime

For all the tall, skinny guys out there, it’s all about knowing the tricks. Try to look for shirts that come with horizontal stripes and plaids to make your chest look bigger. Also, patterns can help to create movement and turn the space into a larger one. A light coloured belt will break up your slim frame. And don’t wear your casual pants too long. 

Meanwhile, if you love wearing your high boots, Doc Martin, make sure you don’t cover the tops of the boots. Curb the pants at the top of the boot to break up the horizontal lines. In addition, you may include a bulky scarf to your outfit to broaden the shoulders. 

Lastly, when you learn these tips and find the ideal tall tee shirt, pants, and button-down, try to experiment. Enjoy and embrace your height and body shape. Remember, these are just tips to guide you and not to stop you from expressing yourself! 

Do you have other tips we’ve missed out on? Comment them down and share it with other tall and skinny guys out there! 

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