Why Your Remote Company Should Have a Business Retreat?

Remote work has forever altered the way employees interact with their coworkers. While nearly 82% of employees who work from home feel that they have the technology needed to stay in touch with their supervisor and coworkers throughout the day, their communication has been cut down to mandatory meetings and sharing of team documents or notes. 

In a study by Twingate, 45% of those surveyed said they missed the social connections they made at work. 74% said they missed the sense of community working in their office provided as well. 

One way companies have been able to translate these feelings of community and togetherness into remote work is by hosting business retreats for their remote workers. Company retreats provide a solution as they create a safe environment for your employees to get to know each other without the confines that come from working remotely. 

Whether you opt for shared vacation rental property and shared office space for rent opt to rent an entire private island, your employees will be thankful to have the time together. It’s much easier to get to know someone when you’re having dinner together or working through a brain teaser together in person. If you’re unsure about hosting a business retreat for your remote company, below we’ve put together five reasons why it may be the best thing for you and your remote employees. 

Promotes Team Unity 

A business retreat provides an unparalleled space for your and your employees to explore the ins and outs of your business and boost productivity. Your company’s brand can be fully presented and expanded upon through brainstorming sessions and problem-solving games that encourage teamwork amongst your employees. These group exercises and team-building moments that happen during business retreats can help solidify the bond among your employees. 

People are more likely to support their teammates more seriously if they know them personally.  Research recognizes the positives of business retreats as well, with data showing that companies that choose to have business retreats significantly improve their innovation, togetherness, and productivity for months after. 

Learn About Your Employees

Business retreats that are executed correctly can encourage employees to accurately and truthfully communicate their fears, excitements, and worries about the company and their role there to their higher-ups. Create an environment where your employees feel safe to speak their minds. 

Think about having your HR department speak during your retreat, reminding your employees of your code of conduct and how to report anything they may deem inappropriate or offensive. Try to pair people from different teams with each other, so your employees can interact across departments. Creating these branches between departments can help you and your employees learn about the importance of every role within your company. 

Boost Employees Morale And Company Pride

Company retreats provide an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work your remote employees put in. Be sure to allow free time for your employees to explore and hang out with one another without the conversation revolving around work. While team-bonding exercises are great and should be incorporated, take time to celebrate the success of getting all of you together in person. 

Think about hosting a lunch or dinner where you acknowledge stellar performances by individual members or teams. You could even have your employees vote about positive superlatives for each other as a fun non-work-related bonding opportunity. Giving out free merch such as company t-shirts or water bottles is another great way to boost morale and increase company pride. 

Assess Future Leaders 

Hosting a business retreat for your remote workers is a great way to assess who the future leaders of your company truly may be. You want leaders within your company that are excited, dedicated, and aware of your brand, also while being able to get work done seamlessly across teams. 

Business retreats allow you to see which of your employees can stand up as leaders within your business. Focus on the employees that are the most excited about the future of your company, the most willing to learn, and the most eager to engage with their fellow employees. 

Prevent Burn-Out 

Business retreats can aid in preventing employee burnout, especially in the age of remote work. Working remotely can sometimes lead employees to over-exert themselves. With their work being at home with them, it can become almost second nature to work longer hours or get projects done on the weekend simply because you have more access to your work. 

Inviting your remote employees to a business retreat can actively help your employees unwind. You can schedule relaxing activities such as yoga, group meditation, or indulge in spa sessions. By encouraging your employees to take a break from work you can help unlock new creative tendencies and ideas that may have been lost to burnout. 

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