Why You Should Own the New Hyundai iLoad

Why You Should Own the New Hyundai iLoad

Are you looking for a high-performance car that is stylish, comfortable, and affordable? Well, then you can’t go wrong with the new Hyundai iLoad. In fact, the new Hyundai iLoad is practical, robust and accommodating. Yes, the iLoad is packed with all the things you could possibly need. The new iLoad is a smart financial decision when compared to other model vans. If you are not one of the many who own the new Hyundai iLoad, here’s why you should think about:-

Reliable and safe

Although the iLoad is based on a people carrier, it was only recently made a standard fit item. However, it has ABS brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution and its standard as well. The new iLoad has both driver and passenger airbags, and front seat-belt for both the driver and passenger. Also, the front middle seat comes with a lap-belt, and the same applies to the rear seat in the Crew Van.

Ever since it was launched, there is no major reliability issue, and it comes with a five-year warranty which provides an added peace of mind. Although it is not known as the most popular van in the market, the buyers have reported high levels of satisfaction for the van. With the engineering powerhouse of Hyundai behind this model, you don’t have to worry much about the reliability of the car.

Driving and performance

Driving is very comfortable in iLoad. In fact, driving the new Hyundai iLoad is very manoeuvrable, with a turning circle of just 5.6 meters. This you can compare with a short-wheelbase car which needs more than 10 meters between kerbs. So, performance is very good with iLoad.

It’s the iLoad engine’s powerful torque output that gives a great performance at a higher speed while 114bhp diesel is more than enough to move the van. Besides, the standard six-speed gearbox gives the relaxed cruising. The noise levels are low, and the suspension is very good, which makes the journey comfortable and safe.

Cabin and interior

The iLoad comes with a high level of standard features that gives a very relaxed driving environment. The driver seat could be adjusted, and all other seats have independent sliding for increased legroom. All models get a six-speaker stereo with iPod functionality and steering-wheel-mounted controls. On the whole, iLoad has excellent features and very comfortable.

As you see, there are many good reasons why you need to consider the Hyundai iLoad new car deals. Whether you need a family car or van, we got you covered. Check our Hyundai iLoad promotion.

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