Why Most of The Countries Are Going to Ban PUBG?


It is an online multiplayer royal game. It is gaining immense popularity among the players. If you regularly play this game, you can increase your ability of multitasking. This is also the best game to increase the focusing power of the players. You can also increase the qualities of teamwork by playing this game. If you are facing some problems to pass the free time, you can also play this game. Along with these benefits, there are also lots of disadvantages to playing PUBG. That’s why lots of countries are going to ban PUBG. Here, we will discuss why most of the countries are going to ban PUBG.

It Is Extremely Violent:

PUBG is known as one of the most violent games in the online gaming industry. By playing this game, you can face the problems of excessive violence. The excessive violence can become the cause of various problems like aggressive emotions, aggressive thoughts and aggressive behaviour. This thing is affecting the mental health of the players. The excessive violence is decreasing the empathy and prosocial behaviour of the players. That’s why different countries are banning PUBG in their countries.

It Is Highly Addictive:

The highly addictive nature of this game is also a major disadvantage of this game. Its reason is that once you start playing this game, you can’t control your nerves. It means that you can’t get an idea of how long you will play this game. For example, if you want to play this game for one hour, you will spend at least 5 to 6 hours in playing this game. Due to the high addiction of this game, the players can’t focus on other activities. This is also an essential factor which is becoming the cause of banning this game in different countries.

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Stress On Eyes:

When we use smartphones, harmful rays come from the screen of smartphones. These harmful rays last some harmful impacts on our eyes. PUBG game is also lasting harmful impacts on our eyes. Its reason is that it is an online game. When we start this game, we have to play this game at least for 30 to 35 minutes. When we are looking at the mobile’s screen constantly, it will last stress on our eyes. Its reason is that we have to look at the mobile’s screen deeply.

Time Killing:

Time killing is also one of the major disadvantages of playing PUBG. Its reason is that when you start to play PUBG, you can’t imagine how fast your time is running. According to research, if you are playing PUBG, you will consider that you have spent 70% less time playing PUBG. The main impact of time killing off this game is on the students. Its reason is that students spend lots of hours in playing PUBG. As a result, they don’t have enough time to spend on their studies.

The Players Can’t Concentrate On Their Work:

Research by a dissertation writing service shows that the players of this game belong to different age groups. Different age group, people have to perform different duties. For example, teenagers have to focus on their studies. On the other hand, adults have to focus on their jobs. If you are an addict to this game, you will think about this game all the time. As a result, you can’t pay enough attention to your studies and jobs. That’s why students are getting lower grades due to the addiction of PUBG. On the other hand, the job holders are depriving of their jobs due to the addiction of PUBG.

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Nightmares About The Game:

As we have discussed earlier that due to the addiction of the PUBG online video game, the players try to spend most of their time in playing the game. As a result, they see the bad nightmares relevant to the content of this game. Most of the PUBG addictions see in their nightmares that someone is firing at them. After watching these kinds of bad nightmares, they can’t sleep properly at night. Moreover, some people also try to play this game late at night. This thing is also affecting the sleep pattern of the players. It means that they are facing the problems of sleep deprivation.

Taking You Away From The Real World:

If you have been playing this video game for 4 to 5 hours in a day, you can’t imagine about the real world. Its reason is that your mind will be fulfilled with the imaginative scenes of this game. If your mind is fulfilled with the imaginative scenes of this game, you can’t perform your real-world activities. It means that this game will take you away from real-world problems and issues. If you don’t know the real-world problems and issues in your life, you can’t find out the possible solutions to these problems.

It Is Losing Offline Friends And Family Members Of The Players:

If you want to strengthen your relationships with your friends and family members, you will have to spend enough time with your friends and family members. If you are spending most of your time playing this video game, it means that you have fewer interactions with your offline friends and family members. As a result, you will lose your friends and family members.

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It Is Increasing Depression And Anxiety Level:

The PUBG adductors are spending most of their time in playing this game.  As a result, they don’t think about their future. At one stage of their life, when they think about their future, they feel depressed. At that stage of life, they can’t do anything because they have wasted their valuable time in playing this game.

The Players Will Become Less Socially Active:

If you want to get success in your life, you will have to become socially active. If you are spending most of your free time playing PUBG, you will be less socially active. As a result, your chances to get success in your practical life will be decreased. Due to these problems, most of the countries are banning PUBG. They are banning PUBG because they save their residents from the side effects of this game.

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