Why Kaziranga is considered as the pride of north-east


For those individuals who want adventurous experience, Kaziranga tour package is an ideal option. Whether the travellers are including the Kaziranga tour package in their India wildlife tour packages for the first time or several times, they never fail to the mesmerizing feeling of Kaziranga under their skin. The great Indian one-horned rhinoceros are the most attractive species based upon which this sanctuary is formed and this is one of the main reasons to visit this park.   With its marshland, elephant grass and dense broadleaves sprinkled in the park, Kaziranga has no match among all the India wildlife tour packages. 

White stork provides Kashi tour packages, char Dham yatra tour package to enhance the spiritual ability. But it is not like it is only providing holiday packages to spiritual places, but also it is quite famous for offering packages for honeymoon in India as well as India wildlife tour packages. Among those national park tours, Ranthambore tour package, Bandhavgarh tour packages, Kaziranga tour package, all these are favourite ones. 

So, let’s discover the Kaziranga.  White stork is offering a very good option ranging from 3-7 or 10 days. All the national park vacation packages are including its stay, breakfast and wildlife safari. And some of them also include a trip to neighbouring places and also hill stations, so that you can make your trip a memorable one. Our experienced guide will help you in viewing the safari. 

Kaziranga tourism offers you an exciting opportunity to explore the unique fantasy of Kaziranga, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. While enjoying the jungle safari of Kaziranga, you can get the opportunity to get into their wildlife in their natural habitat. The one-horned rhinoceros, tigers, birds, elephants are the marvels of this exotic Kaziranga national park tour package. It will be a never-before kind of experience, which cannot be missed. White stork is providing jungle-jeep safari visit or staying in excellent accommodation. We are here to make your trip more enjoyable and wonderful. 

Kaziranga is a biological hotspot covering the Nagaon and Golaghat districts present in the heart of Assam.  It is occupying near about 429 sq. km. This place was discovered by the wife of Lord Curzon in the year 1904. After that, it was developed into a reserve forest in the next 4 years. In the year 1916, the site was transformed into Kaziranga Sanctuary and in the year 1950, it has got its reorganisation as Kaziranga Wildlife sanctuary. In 1974, Kaziranga is designated as a national park. UNESCO also declared it as a World Heritage site for wildlife in the year 1985. And finally, in 2006, it was designated as a Tiger reserve in terms of density of tigers in this protected area worldwide. 


Kaziranga national park package is famous for hosting the largest population of one-horned rhinoceros. Birdlife International has designated the Kaziranga as a very important bird area for the protection of nearly 491 avifaunal species.   



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