Why Choose Custom Picture Frames Over Store-Bought Ones?


It’s no secret that custom picture frames are slightly on the higher range when compared to ready-made frames. This is probably what makes them a little tempting but when the matter comes around protection, it takes a little investment. With custom framing, a lot can be achieved. Let’s check the rationale behind choosing the same.

The first and foremost role played by a custom frame is that of a protector. Be it a cherished photograph marking a milestone in your journey of life, or a sentimental memorabilia, reminding you of your past instances, it truly deserves a proper treatment and the same can be expected from custom framing. This is because here you have every right to influence the archival components, ensure an acid-free mat board and a foam-core backing to prevent it from yellowing and accumulating dust.

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In custom framing, one enjoys a complete freedom, mostly of choosing a frame, but what’s the use of it if the same fails to complement the artwork? The bright side is that, with experts at one’s assistance, one can take advantage of the professional’s insight, select a suitable mat and frame and finally bring out the best in it.

Just like we buy a pair of denim pants that would fit us perfectly, in a similar way, we purchase a frame which would complement it. However, with limited ready-made options, even if one comes across a suitable frame, one might just not be satisfied with the mat combinations or special treatments, offered at local frame stores.

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Here’s when one realises all the cool aesthetic opportunities one’s actually missing out and custom framing fills out that absence. By allowing purchasers a chance to select from non-standard dimensions to mount count and further to glass type, it offers everything that’s missing in ready-made ones.

A store-bought frame is handed over the same day. However, this doesn’t indicate that for a custom frame, one would have to wait for weeks, just to receive the final product on the day of delivery. With online stores like Strand Framing, one can actually enjoy a prompt delivery, with the site taking responsibility of getting it shipped to you as soon as possible.

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The author loves writing about picture frames. She believes that an artwork or a cherished memory in the form of a snapshot is incomplete without a custom frame.