Which are the best private ambulance services in Mumbai?

There are many private ambulance services in Mumbai. Choosing an ambulance service can be very challenging since there are so many, and most of them have similar pricing and packages.

This article will not only help you choose the best private ambulance service in Mumbai but also guide you through the process of choosing your nearest location from where a medical emergency is likely to occur.
Private Ambulance services are necessary aspects of any Emergency Management System. Several countries have Private ambulance services even as part of their EMS system, and the numbers are ever-increasing.

With years of experience, expertise, and specialization in this domain, Hanuman Ambulance service is a pioneer in offering unmatched Private Ambulance services across Mumbai.

Our fleet of ambulances consists of advanced life support ambulances equipped with the latest life-saving equipment such as defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, and other emergency drugs and medical kits. They have an expert team of paramedics, doctors, and trained drivers to provide the most reliable ambulance services to the needy.

Hanuman Ambulance service is the top name in medical services, offering a high-quality professional ambulance in Mumbai to provide fast and reliable service.

Hanuman ambulance service provides complete hospital support and transportation service for patients from home to hospital, hospital to home, or any other destination. It also serves as an ideal option for transfers from one hospital to another. Hanuman offers a wide range of services like Non-Emergency Ambulance, Train Ambulance, Air Ambulance, International Transfer, Corporate Hospital Transportation, and more.

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Hanuman Ambulance is a trusted name in the field of emergency medical services. This ambulance service has a wide range of patients from all walks of life. But then again, is Hanuman Ambulance service costly?

What are the charges for Hanuman Ambulance?

Hanuman Ambulance charges Rs. 15 for every kilometer and Rs. 1000 for the initial fee and Rs 500 for every subsequent kilometer. The agency has the right to charge extra if the distance is more than 50 kilometers.


Hanuman Ambulance service is one of the best service providers in India. It is a 24*7 ambulance service and has many branches in different cities and towns.

The company is the most trusted ambulance-providing company in India. It serves its customers with excellent service quality.

If you are looking for the best ambulance service in Mumbai at a reasonable price, you can contact Hanuman Ambulance Services at +91-9264198199.

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