Which Air Conditioner Is Best For You?

Buying an air conditioner can be quite confusing. Even when you want to replace your current air conditioner, you may have doubts regarding the best air conditioner for your home. These doubts may arise due to the wide variety of air conditioners available in the market. 

The various doubts may arise due to the multiple factors that need consideration before finalising the air conditioner. These may include the area that needs to be covered, your budget, requirement and much more. However, there are various other features which need to be compared before finalising the one unit. 

However, to make it easier for you, split system air conditioner service experts have listed out the significant factors that need consideration. 

In Australia, we experience a reasonably humid climate. In order to maintain a comfortable and cosy temperature within the house, your air conditioner needs to work harder. This may cause a significant increase in the amount of energy consumption levels.  

  • Room Size and layout

It’s necessary to choose an air conditioner which matches the space. Selecting an air conditioner of the wrong capacity for the size of your room will result in poor performance. The other aspects like insulation, natural light, ceiling height and roof type, will play a role in determining the correct capacity of your air conditioner.   

Apart from that, it will significantly increase energy costs with a reduced life span of the system. 

  • Energy-efficiency

The initial cost of a highly energy-efficient system will be relatively high. However, over time, it will save you a lot of money due to lower running costs. If you are up to spend, you must go for energy-efficient systems. 

  • Reliability

While choosing an air conditioner, reliability plays an important role. It is advisable to stick with established brands which provide a prolonged warranty period. Also, one should keep the after-sales service in mind before deciding on the final one. 

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Different Types of Air Conditioners

There are four most common types of air conditioning units that you must choose from. 

  • Ducted Air Conditioners

These systems come with a central fan coil. Particularly, this fan coil is concealed in the roofs and further connected to various rooms through vents or ducts. These systems can moderate temperature in different rooms and can even cool the entire house at the same time.   

  • Split System Air Conditioners

These are the most commonly used types of air conditioners. As the name suggests, the entire system is divided into two units, an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is mounted on the interior walls of the house. On the other hand, the outdoor unit is mounted not very far off its counterpart, however, on the exterior part of the house. 

If you choose for split system air conditioner installation, it’s best to get the help of our team of experts.  

  • Multi-split system air conditioner

It’s similar to split system air conditioners where the system is divided into indoor and outdoor units. However, there are multiple indoor units, all connected to a single outdoor unit. It’s best to use them for both heating and cooling purposes. 

  • Portable Air Conditioners

If you want a standalone air conditioner, you may opt for portable air conditioners. They just work like the other air conditioners, taking air from outside, through exhaust ducts that run through your window.

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