What You Should Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

What You Should Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Securing compensation for your injuries and other losses after a serious accident can be difficult. You need to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer in Perth to represent your interests in settlement negotiations with an insurance company. You should never file a personal injury lawsuit without first consulting with an attorney. Before you hire a personal injury attorney, make sure all your questions are answered. Here’s what to consider asking during your initial consultation.

Question 1:

Do You Work With Experts And Professionals That Can Strengthen My Case?

The law firm you select should have successful working relationships with experts of all types. This is because, personal injury cases that involve traumatic injuries will sometimes require expert testimony from professionals in a variety of fields, including medicine, accident reconstruction, economic analysis, and more.

Question 2:

Do I Have Any Responsibilities While You Work On My Case?

You hire a law firm to work for you, not the other way around, so if an attorney gives you a long to-do list, be suspicious. Besides keeping your doctor’s appointments and following their instructions with regard to your treatment, you should be doing very little work for your own case.

Question 3:

How Often Will I Receive Updates About The Status Of My Case?

Your attorney should let you know the life-cycle of a case and who will be working on your case during the different stages. In short, your attorney should be able to tell you how their office handles a case from start to finish.

Question 5:

How Long Will It Take To Resolve My Case?

The answer will depend on certain factors, such as how long you treat for your injuries. More important, it will be contingent upon how many resources the attorney is willing to dedicate to your case. No attorney can predict the exact time it will take to settle your claim.

Question 6:

Do You Have Experience In Trying Cases Like Mine In Front Of A Jury?

You should hire a law firm with years of experience, especially in dealing with cases similar to yours. So, make sure they have more years of experience in your case before hiring one. Also, make sure you ask how many years the law firm has been practicing personal injury.

Question 7:

What Are The Different Types Of Cases You Handle?

You wouldn’t want a dentist fixing your eyes, so don’t let “any-lawyer” work on your personal injury case! Choose one of the best personal injury lawyers in Perth. A lawyer may be quick to accept your case, but you need to make sure personal injury law is their primary focus. Many firms are set up to practice general law, meaning they handle a little bit of everything. Make sure you get a complete answer to this question.

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