What You Need To Know To Pick a Good One

What You Need To Know To Pick a Good One

Buying a home solar power systems can be a very exciting experience, but don’t get too carried away by advertising. Be sure to focus on the important aspects of your purchase as it’s a substantial investment and one you’ll be living with for a long time. So, how do we pick these products? Well, there’s a lot that goes into the decision to stock a product, let us break it down for you.

1. Avoid High-Pressure Sales People

High pressure sales tactics are unfortunately common in the solar industry. To avoid tricks and traps, avoid purchasing solar power systems from salespeople who play by these tactics. High-pressure salespeople are only one of the pitfalls that may await you when you shop for a solar power system. Remember, pressured decisions on the spot often turn out to be less advantageous in reflection. Try not to make decisions on the spot, just ask the person to let you consider the offer.

2. Get A Few Solar Quotes

When making a major purchase as you will find that prices vary widely between providers, it’s always wise to gather a few solar quotes. But don’t be just swayed by price as inferior components can reduce the up-front cost of the system. However, they may wind up, costing you more in the long run in terms of reliability and efficiency.

3. Solar Inverter Efficiency

Be cautious of generic type brands. Obviously, the more efficient the inverter the better. But, look at the inverter efficiency before purchasing a system. This is because not all solar inverters are equal, and inverter efficiency will have a direct impact on the amount of time it takes for a system to pay for itself.

4. Solar Panel Mounting

The mounting system is a very vital component, and some suppliers skimp on this item. Make sure you ask about wind certification, warranty arrangements and get copies of relevant documents. After all, you do not want your system to take-off during a wild storm. The quality solar panel system that you are going to purchase should be wind certified. So, make sure that the roof, ground mounting or tracking system is engineer certified for the area you are in.

Things You Should Know about Solar Panels

– You will not need to apply for planning permission to install solar panels domestically.

– Solar panels can be used on any type of building, road, bridge, and even spacecraft and satellites.

– Prior to installing solar panels, you should consider the shape and inclination of the roof and the location of the house itself.

– Solar energy is completely free and renewable.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to install solar panels, know the solar power systems prices, and then start your purchase!

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