online kyc for paytm
online kyc for paytm

Know your customer kyc online
KYC which stands for know your customer . that will help you to open a online bank account on wallets like paytm, phone pe ,google pay , amazon , bhim upi , and online bank accounts
Online Kyc is Launched to stop and prevent money laundering in India and all over the world
You can open a online bank account with Government with Driving license and aadhar card voter id card
Aadhaar Based Online KYC

It is a Electronic form of doing the work in the office now you don’t have to visit the government office for all the paper work you can upload all the documents online on the government website it is safe and secure

How Does Online KYC Work?

Therfore Online kyc aims to achieve paperless identity verification through the internet it make use of the aadhaar platform to establish the authenticity of a person’s identity

As of now, only Aadhaar card users can make use of this feature. So, if you don’t have one already, now would be the right time to apply for an Aadhaar.

Usally it is provided by the agents by the companies like paytm , amazon , phone pe, google pay .
They will help you to full fill your account details online or on-site

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The customer can simply use his/her Aadhar card and no other document. This saves the hassle of having to carry a bunch of docs and eliminates the need for in-person verification.

The working of the Online KYC is fairly simple.

To make things much clear, let’s consider the example of a man who wishes to open a new bank account with a nationalized bank.

In Other Words Now in the 2020 you don’t have to carry cash with your self you can do it online all the places like hospitals, petrol pump, cinema halls, Resturants. However all the Places accept the payment with PAYTM , GOOGLE PAY , PHONE PE , UPI PAYMENTS


How to do Online KYC

Step By Step
The customer produces his Aadhar card before the bank official. The official takes note of the Aadhaar number.
A biometric scanner captures the potential customer’s fingerprint or retinal image, though fingerprint is the popular choice. You have to do mobile bassed otp verification because it is safe and secure.

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Once the device reads the biometric, the value is communicated to UIDAI via secure servers.
Because when you make a aadhar card there is your fingerprints stored into their database
If the values match, it would be safe to assume that the potential customer’s identity is not spurious.
You have to show and share the original doucuments with the agent he will verify on the spot that will help you to open your online bank account instant

What are Advantages of Online KYC

If you have the documents on your smart phone you are ready to go
Not everyone can use Online KYC verification services. However Only Verified agents have the login credentials to verify you for the online bank accounts .

For instance As of now Road Side Small Shop Vendors accepts the payments Digital like paytm , phone pe , google pay . Online Kyc will reduce the chances of online frauds and scams.

The biometric scanners used by agents/institutions too would have to be verified by UIDAI, which adds another layer of security.


as a result often allows instant verification and thereby insthttps://uidai.gov.in/ant opening of bank accounts or mobile sim activation. In addition This is expected to save much time.
The process is absolutely free of cost.


The introduction of Aadhar has opened up new avenues for paperless verification and fraud deterring methods. After that the entire country’s population can be digitally recorded and tracked.

Similarly Like the Aadhar based eSign feature which makes use of the Aadhar number and a mobile number registered with it to digitally sign legal documents, Online KYC too is expected to take the country by storm.

In conclusion If you need help with Online KYC or eSign services, please contact onlinekycreviews.xyz and we can help.

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