What is Cloud Hosting ? 10 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

benefits of cloud hosting

Many people are hearing the term Cloud Hosting or the Cloud or Windows the Cloud, Linux the Cloud. You might ask what exactly is the Cloud and why would I want to use the cloud?

Cloud hosting can be useful for many companies for many reasons. With cloud hosting one could provision or build systems very rapidly and add memory and cpu on the fly as needed. You might ask, is the performance as good as dedicated systems. In most cases the new technology of cloud systems is just as efficient with the same performance as dedicated systems. Sometimes it is even better.

We would recommend that you test your new cloud server yourself to determine if the performance is up to your expectations. Also with cloud systems you will have your own interface to manage all your systems from one central console. This way you can manage, monitor and provision all your resources and virtual machines from one central area. This makes your platform very efficient to manage and provides a very user friendly interface.

Cloud hosting is also used for application hosting. This is known as SaaS or software as a service. This means you can access any of your applications from a web browser as long as you have an internet connection. So for instance. If you are in your office, in a coffee shop, in a hotel or at a client site and you need to access your specialized office application or legal application you can login from any computer or from your laptop, access your app, do your work, save it up to your cloud server and go on your way. This will allow employees a lot of flexibility as to when and where they could work. Some of these applications are also accessible from mobile devices.

You might ask, is Cloud hosting secure? When setting up your cloud environment it is recommended that you have your cloud servers on their own vlan or network. This will allow for physical separation of resources and network traffic so that your systems are the only systems on this network. Also be sure that you are accessing your systems and applications over a secure encrypted connection (VPN), this will ensure sure that you are the only one seeing your data. Lastly, make sure you have a backup strategy in place to ensure your systems and data are being backed up and could easily be restored in case of corruption or data loss.

what is cloud hosting

Cloud hosting also offers a cost savings to companies. With cloud hosting you will cut down on costs for electrical power, server hardware, security devices, network equipment, software licensing and IT support. Your cloud system will take care of all these costs and allow you to bundle the cost into a very cost effective pricing package. After adding up everything you will receive with your cloud hosting system you will find that you are saving close or more than 50% in your costs.

Cloud hosting is the buzz word of the town. The reason behind this is its ease of scale, flexibility, and high performance. There are many benefits offered by cloud servers as compared to traditional hosting.

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  1. Flexible Pricing: With traditional hosting, you have to pay a fixed amount no matter you are using the resources or not. This is not the case with cloud hosting. Here you pay for only what you use. Its flexible pricing structure is one of the key reasons for its recent boom.
  2. Easy to Scale: Aliyun cloud server is one of the players in the market who lets you see the performance of your site in real-time. This way you have better knowledge about how your business is doing. You can easily scale your server resources without having to wait for any approval.
  3. Server Environment: In traditional hosting your site is located on a single server. Imagine if something happens to that server, all your data is lost, in seconds. However, in the case of cloud hosting you are provided with a redundant server environment. A backup will be saved in case of an emergency.
  4. High Uptime: Cloud hosting has a very high uptime. It is much faster than traditional hosting. In traditional hosting, your site is using the power of only one server. But in the case of cloud hosting, you are virtually using way too many servers at the same time. This way your site would be able to tackle an unexpected traffic surge.
  5. Speedy Setup Process: If you are using a traditional server, it takes some time to make your site live. This time may vary from a few hours to even a day. However, the setup process is super fast with cloud hosting. Your site will be up and running within minutes.
  6. No Hardware Issues: A physical server has to deal with many issues like a ransomware attack, hardware failure, system overload, etc. On the other hand, the cloud server has no such issues. It is insulated from all the issues of a physical server.
  7. Better Website Speed: If there is a website A that is hosted on a physical server and another website B is hosted on a cloud server then the speed of A will be much faster than B. However, things also depend on the type of website as well as the location of the end-user.
  8. The Best Option for a Site with High Traffic: As already stated, the cloud server can better manage traffic. If your website has to deal with an unexpected surge in traffic, then there is nothing better than a cloud server. Cloud hosting allows you to scale up or down your server resources as per need.
  9. Easy to Manage your Server: When cloud hosting was new in the market it needed a bit of technical expertise to manage it. However, we have come a long way. Now managing cloud hosting has become simpler as compared to physical hosting.
  10. Decreased Environment Impact: A cloud server depends very little on physical components. This is the reason why the environmental impact decreases significantly when you are using a cloud server. With cloud hosting, you are using very few data centers. It is one of the best ways of hosting in this generation.

There are so many benefits of cloud hosting that it is becoming difficult for me to put all of them down in one article. However, a good cloud company is also important. Cloudways Cloud Server is the leading player in this direction. They have a very attractive pricing structure. You would love it.

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