What is a Point of Sale(POS) System?

What is a Point of Sale

For any kind of business implementation and operation on a smooth level, you must face difficulties as you intend to excel in your business. If you still depend upon the traditional and old method of cash registers you need to update your approach towards success by availing of the best benefits of the latest technology.

The Major Drawback of Using a Cash Register:

A major drawback of utilizing a traditional cash register is that you can lose data if any malfunction occurs or productivity is lost during power outages. If you lose your precious data there is no supported backup for your system.

Another vital disadvantage is the occurrence of manual errors and complexity in tax calculations. Every cash register has a different model and you require a training session to operate on it. Cash registers are variant in mechanical features like the number of keys and what kind of built-in printer is used. So, you must go into detail that What is a Point of Sale System?

Point of Sale System and Business Efficiency:

Although more expensive than a traditional cash register, a point of sale system is exactly worth the amount of investment since it meets all the needs of your business. Retail POS systems are created for every size of business whether small or large.

Nobody can deny the fact that what the point of sale systems bring forth in your business efficiency. The output of your business when matched to the ideal goals and targets of the business give a great insight into business efficiency. Business Efficiency is measured in the terms of revenue generated and compared to the revenue expected.

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All the basic to advanced requirements of a retail business are met with complete accuracy and precision just by introducing the point of sale system in your business. Furthermore, the point of sale systems implementation ensures the smooth flow of business without any interruption or obstacles.

1. Boost the Rate of Cash flow:

Cash flow is the amount of incoming revenue in your business as compared to the investments made by you. A good rate of cash flow is desirable in business to ensure the best and ferocious operational speed and escalation of growth. A negative value of cash flow indicates the business is going into debt and the financial situation is poor. Utilizing a point of sale software comes with many advanced features from tax calculations to multiple payment methods. All of these features promote the rate of cash flow and you can enhance and escalate the business growth as financial health improves.

2. Flexible Payment Methods:

The multiple payment methods allow you to attract more customers towards your business products. You make the payment mode easy and flexible for your business by facilitating the credit card users. Even bank payments and online transactions can be made. This makes your business perfectly designed for a high rate of cash flow and the graph of business growth accelerates exponentially high.

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3.  Complex Tax Calculations

Another important and necessary feature of POS software is to incorporate the tax calculations item-wise and invoice-wise. The item-wise calculation is termed as “item tax” and the other is called “global tax”. Now payment of tax to the government does not need separate calculations and hassle of managing the tax payment. It is rather automatically calculated per item as you define it in your POS system. There is no chance of error especially human manual error as the whole point of sale is automated software. So understanding all the above points lets you explore What is a Point of Sale System?

The Latest Cloud-Based Point of Sale System:

With the evolution of technology, the cloud-based system has invaded the IT market. With its tremendous benefits, you can expect resource management with cost-effectiveness and a great time-management capacity of the software.

1.  Flexible Accessibility:

The cloud-based system depends upon internet connectivity and through the internet IP cloud, you can access your business system no matter where you reside on the globe of the world.

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2. Data Encryption:

But there is a threat to the security of your data when exposed to the internet cloud. This threat is also managed and the issue is resolved by highly intelligent algorithms of data encryption. Between its transferring from sender to the user the whole data is encrypted and further encoded and decoded as per requirement. Also, the offline counter concept is introduced which allows the successful operation of your POS counter without the internet. But on every instance of internet connectivity, the data is sent to the server and the whole system is updated. In such a way no data is lost even if the salesman operates in offline mode.


Choosing the best point of sale system for your business requires a thorough market analysis but this article recommends you to rely on SMACC cloud-based software which has already proved its success among the customers of the Middle East region.

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