What Farmers Need To Know About Farm Fencing?

What Farmers Need To Know About Farm Fencing?

Farm fencing can also take up a good chunk of your budget, although plenty of quality, affordable options exist. Whether you’ve just purchased new farmland or are fixing up an existing farm, fencing should be at the forefront of your planning. And, poorly planned fencing can lead to costly losses and even legal issues. So, you should plan accordingly.

1. Want to consider the animals before installing farm fencing supplies for them

2. Don’t forget to be prepared to maintain and patch fencerows at a moment’s notice.

3. Keep in mind that each type of animal has its own fencing needs and those males and females will need to be separated during the breeding season.

4. Use sturdy materials, especially for the hardware & fencing gates, so the animals do not break free or injure themselves, and people can easily get in and out.

5. Permanent And Temporary Fences:

– Temporary fences move around to meet the farm’s changing needs and to manage grazing patterns.

– Permanent boundary fences delineate property lines between the farm and its neighbours.

6. When laying out the fence’s path, avoid rough terrain, stony areas and steep climbs.

Types of fences

Electric fences

Electric fences are widely used in many livestock operations. A strand of electric fencing added to other types of fencing usually improves effectiveness.

Cable Fences

Cable fences are used primarily for confinement areas, such as holding pens, feedlots and corrals. There is no limit to the number of cables used, but, a six-cable fence is typically used for large animals.

High-Tensile Fences

These fences should be used with electricity to improve animal holding capability and predator control. The advantages of high-tensile fencing are, it is easier to construct, lasts longer, costs less to build, requires less maintenance.

Mesh Wire Fence

Mesh wire fence works well for horses. They are replacing board fencing in many areas since it will be strong and provide livestock safety.

Woven Wire Fence

Woven wire fences consist of a number of horizontal lines of smooth wire held apart by vertical wires called stays.

Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire fences are made of two or more strands of smooth, galvanized-coated, steel wire twisted together with two or four barbs spaced every four to five inches and generally classified as either a standard or suspension barbed wire fence.

Rail Fences

A high-tensile polymer fence has the look of a rail fence with high-tensile wires encased inside.These fences are available in PVC plastic, vinyl coated wooden boards, treated wood and painted wood. These fences are typically used as border fences around the farm and are popular on horse farms.

Final Wrap

Whether small or large, fencing is of utmost importance. Consider purchasing farm fencing supplies in Perth at the right source for your farm.

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