Venture into the Profitable Fantasy Sports industry using the Dream11 clone app

Dream 11 clone

The compounded annual growth rate of the online fantasy sports market is estimated to reach 33.4% by 2025. Using fantasy sports for brand promotion is one of the key trends that promote market growth. 


Venture into the enormously lucrative fantasy sports app market using the Dream11 clone app– which provides the benefits of the original along with added incentives; it’s the perfect app one can choose to step foot into the fantasy sports app market. Promote your brand and earn a global audience using the dream11 clone.


There are two foolproof ways to enter; you can choose to develop an app of your own. The drawback is that it’s pricey and time-consuming. In comparison, another way to enter is through the Dream11 clone app. It’s a cost-effective and efficient alternative to the original. 


Why should you invest in the Dream11 clone app?


Suppose we dive deeper into the market for fantasy sports applications. In that case, we can assess that the industry is on an apparent rise, partly because of the user base it operates around and partially because of the industry’s success.

Fantasy sports consumers in the USA and Canada alone are now 59.3 million compared to 500,000 consumers in 1988. The Fantasy Sports industry will record a 13.24 % compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) in terms of revenue over the next five years, and by 2025, the global market size will hit US$ 33199.64 million.

Investing in an industry that is growing leaps and bounds is a sure way to succeed. Hence as an entrepreneur, one can consider investing in this profitable venture.


Benefits of building an app like Dream11 clone

By providing a platform for users to make use of their game knowledge and allowing them to earn profits, in return, will provide you with a vast user base and help you earn immense profits. 


Unique business opportunity

Since the app caters to a niche market, the competitors in this sector are less, which increases your chances of success, and increases your business’s growth.


Never-ending matches

The never-ending tournaments will increasingly engage users with your app. Like the T20 world cup, Indian premier league, etc., several games will increase your app’s engagement and improve users’ numbers. 


Additional features

Including features similar to the ones mentioned below will increase your chances of success. 

In-app advertising

This feature allows the process of showing in-app advertisements easier.

  • Live score

Get live scores for a wide range of matches and sports, apart from game highlights and expert analysis. 

  • Push notifications

This feature is used to keep your users engaged with your app by sending alerts, messages, and offers to inform them when to create a team when a match starts, etc.

  • Multi-language

The app comes with multiple languages to cater to a global audience and earn a global user base. 

  • Bird’s eye view

The admin can view the app from the bird’s eye view. It is the most efficient way to oversee the working of the application.

  • KYC/AML integration

KYC/AML integration is used to make money transfers secure for users.


How to increase your chances of success?

Developing a clone app will not ensure your app’s success, but following specific steps or strategies are sure to increase your success.


Include all games in one platform

Including games like football, hockey, volleyball, etc., will increase your user base and help you become a household brand for all the fantasy sports gaming apps. Learn from your competitors and include the features or games that they have left out in your app.


Mobile platform

Launching your app on a mobile platform is a sure way to succeed because of the increased internet penetration and cheaper mobile phones. People prefer using mobile apps to play games rather than playing them on a computer. The comfort and the sheer convenience of mobile apps gaming have led to increased users’ playing games through mobile phones. Launching in both android and iOS paves the way for success. 


Using a website

Earlier on, people used to play games through a website; keeping that in mind and developing a website for your app will help you stay unique in your business. People who don’t have mobile phones can also use your website to play, which will increase the probability of your success. Consult a well-experienced professional to build your website to attract an audience and to design it well.



Fantasy sports app is here to stay. It’s essential to consider a professional or app development company with at least 10+ years of experience in the industry, providing white-label, robust, customizable, and scalable solutions to make the best Dream11 clone app. Make your hat-trick with the Dream11 clone app!


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