Various Types of Abuse Where A Domestic Violence Lawyer Is Highly Needed

Various Types of Abuse Where A Domestic Violence Lawyer Is Highly Needed

Domestic violence is a very sensitive topic that many people deal with. It is a complex case with many related mandates within the system. It’s a kind of behavior that has the aim to utilize power and control over a spouse, a partner, a spouse, or an intimate loved one. The abuse of a partner isn’t just caused by drugs, alcohol, anger, mental problems, or other common excuses. Domestic abuse is usually a learned behavior. Anyone accused of this crime or any victim of this crime should work with a domestic violence lawyer to assist the individual in navigating the justice system.

Domestic violence is a criminal act that happens during a domestic situation. The act is often committed against a loved one or a family member. Domestic abuse is often prevalent in a marriage or cohabitation setting. Nevertheless, violence may also be committed on minors, parents, and the elderly as it takes many forms.

Domestic abuse is not isolated to acts of physical abuse and physical violence. It involves abuse of the emotional and verbal psyche of the victim, as well as sexual assault. Domestic abuse can range from subtle coercion to violent physical attacks. Physical abuse involves the act of chocking, beating, and genital mutilation which are crimes that are frequently done against female victims.

Types of Domestic Violence

When people hear the word violence, they would often link it with any form of physical harm that causes visible injuries to the victim. The reality of the situation is that physical abuse is simply one type of violence. There are various types of abusive behavior. Every type of abuse has its destructive repercussions and consequences that the victim will suffer.

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Although there are various types of abuse, physical violence is the one with the potential of becoming fatal as it places the victim’s life in danger. Nevertheless, other types of abuse have long-term destructive effects on the victims which can’t be minimized by the absence of any lethal danger. All the types of abuses that are committed under each category should be monitored. A domestic violence lawyer can aid victims who are undergoing any form of abuse from their family members or partners.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is any type of aggressive behavior that is physically done by the perpetrator. It may also involve the threat of physical abuse while withholding a victim’s physical needs. The actions of physical violence involve the action biting, beating, hitting, slapping, drowning, choking, kicking, threatening with a weapon, threatening the victim with physical assault, punching, shooting, hair pulling, stabbing, and other physically hurtful attacks,

Physical abuse also involves the perpetrator withholding the victim’s needs which has a physical effect on health. Some examples of these needs are sleep deprivation and meal interruption. Another form of physical abuse is when the perpetrator restrains or forces a victim against his or her own free will, even if the victim isn’t injured. Other behaviors that might be considered as physical abuse is destroying any property such as throwing objects or kicking walls.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse might not be fatal and might nor exhibit any form of physical harm but it brings devastating effects to the victim’s psychological state. It involves manipulation, degradation, and intimidation. Another form of emotional abuse is by brainwashing the victim. This is often detrimental to the victim’s welfare since her mental state is being controlled by the manipulation of the perpetrator.

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A perpetrator also perpetuates emotional abuse by undermining the partner’s self-confidence through humiliation. There were also cases where the perpetrator made the victim think that he or she is crazy. An example of this manipulation tactic is hiding the victim’s belongings and proceeds to insult the victim for losing their things.

Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is the act of using words to attack the victim. The behaviors of a verbal abuser are mostly focused on utilizing words to threaten, humiliate, or degrade the victim. A verbal abuser would engage in name-calling, cursing, and insulting the victim. It may also be considered as a verbal abuse when the perpetrator threatens to harm the victim’s reputation or family members. Screaming or terrorizing the victim to illicit. Terrorizing and screaming at the victim to inspire fear may also be considered as a form of verbal abuse.

Domestic violence cases have increased in recent years. It is mostly aimed at women but some men suffer domestic violence who are afraid to seek help. It is highly recommended for anyone entangled in a domestic violence case, whether a victim or an accused abuser, must work with a reliable and experienced domestic violence lawyer.


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