Top 5 Natural ED Herbs and Supplements that Actual Work

Natural herbs and supplements are part of the natural treatment for male health issues including erectile dysfunction. These herbs have been in use for thousands of years in several countries of Asia and South East Asia.

Herbs and supplements increase libido, testosterone, and relax tense body parts. They create energy and stamina within to cure underlying weakness in the male body which manifests in way of erectile dysfunction. Herbs and supplements cure physical causes that reduce the ability of a man to the fine tune his body with his desire for intimacy.

Natural herbs and supplements to treat erectile dysfunction

Herbs and supplements cure the basic problem at the biological level, which is responsible for erectile dysfunction or ED. Erection is the process of blood flowing smoothly into the spongy tissue of the male organ. It enlarges and engrossed the male organ. It then makes it easy for a man to get an erection with stimulation of mind with an intimate thought. Any man who faces erectile dysfunction gets insufficient blood into the organ even with adequate arousal levels.

Herbs and supplements improve blood circulation by relaxing blood vessels or removing the obstruction in way of blood flow in arteries.

Pang ginseng

Ginseng is a popular and widely used herb by males in South East Asian countries. It is also known as natural or herbal Viagra. Medical studies have found evidence of the effectiveness of the herb in the improvement of erectile dysfunction in males. The researchers found that Ginsenosides, a compound found in ginseng extract improves blood circulation at the cellular level.

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Researchers have tested that taking doses of L- arginine gives a big boost to the erection process by boosting blood circulation. It relaxes blood vessels to create space for more blood flow.

L- Arginine is naturally found in our body as an amino acid. It supports the stimulation of nitric oxide in the body which relaxes the blood vessels. The male who lacks a sufficient amount of amino acid is recommended to take doses. However medical guidance is required to remain within a safe dose limit. 5 grams daily dose will be sufficient to get a sufficient boost to the erection process naturally.

A male who is using 200 mg Sildenafil citrate, a higher dose, needs medical guidance before using L- arginine. Doctors will never prescribe combo, as it lowers the blood pressure to dangerously low levels, which could cause fainting.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is produced in the body. It is a natural hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. When it gets converted to testosterone in the male body, it boosts the erection process. The male who lacks a strong erection drive is recommended DHEA doses. In supplementary form, DHEA is made from soy and wild yam, a plant found in North America. Medical consultations help a male to take the accurate dose levels. A higher dose can cause nausea and acne. Recent medical studies have certified that DHEA is safe for the male with diabetic induced erection problems.


This herb is the extraction of the bark of a tree native to Africa. The clinical trials on males with depression-induced erectile dysfunction showed improved results. The supplement improves erection in males who were on selective –serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs, drugs used to treat depression.

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Medical consultation is required for males who are no anti depressing drugs. A proper dose and gap between anti-depressant drugs and supplements are needed to get the benefits.

Horny Goat Weed

It is an herb made from leaves of plants found in China. Italian medical experts found that the compound found in Horny goat weed, ICARIIN, works in the same way as medicine like sildenafil citrate. It also helps males with weak bones and those suffering from joint pains. Both of these conditions create erectile issues in seniors.


All mentioned herbs and supplements have some medical evidence to prove their efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction in males. But the effectiveness of herbs and supplements depends on the degree of erectile dysfunction a male is suffering, his general health, and age. So use herbs as part of a healthy diet at breakfast for several weeks to get some positive results. For quick relief prefer generic Cialis 60 mg with 82 % effective rate. But get a medical assessment to know the suitability of the dose to your body.

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