Top 5 Indian Money Making Games – You must read

Anyone who enjoys playing games online?

Games teach you how to simultaneously be really focused, which is super-additive for some people.

It’s even better when you can make money while you play.

Games can be the ideal stress-buster, helping your brain to precisely cope up with the surrounding bustle in a fascinating and enjoyable way, whether you’re waiting for your friend to arrive at a caf√© or riding the train during your commute. Whether it’s shooting zombies, scoring touchdowns, or working together to complete missions with pals online, playing video games online may be a dreamlike getaway from the pressures of everyday life.

Dollar Sprout claims that in 2017, the highest-earning gamer took home $2,436,772.40 thanks to actual money making games. Almost 73 percent of people between the ages of 4 and 20 are said to own a video game system. The fact that only console video games gained in popularity in the past is no less of a surprise. It’s the millennial generation being invited to play Candy Crush by Grandma. Today, everyone who wants to make video games invests a lot of money and a lot of time looking for the next big thing.

Can You Earn Real Money While Playing Video Games?

It is a well-known reality that it can be very expensive to consider using gaming as a source of income in order to entirely replace your full-time employment. Switching to a full-time gaming career can carry a genuine big-time risk, from paying for dependable gaming equipment or business launch expenditures. In actuality, individuals can make between $500 and $1,500 every month by simply playing free online games that pay real money making games.

Various Game Types That are Profitable Include

  • Arcade, Words
  • Casino¬†
  • Platform games.
  • Shooter games.
  • Fighting games.
  • Beat ’em up games.
  • Stealth game.
  • Survival games.
  • Battle royal.
  • Survival horror.

The Top 5 Money Making Games in India are listed below:


Football lovers may play fantasy football on the eSports gaming platform Dream11 for as little as Rs. 100. It is provided by FANTASY SPORTS INFO and has more than 10,000 installations right now.

Dream11 offers the ability to pick players from a pool of attackers, defenders, midfielders, and goalkeepers to create a team. Additionally, you can choose a captain and vice-captain, and if you do so wisely, your overall score will go up. It offers contests with large reward pools and smaller prize pools, and players may follow live matches and keep tabs on their fellow competitors’ game play.

The players must pay close attention to domestic players’ knowledge. Before entering the major leagues, the unskilled player can start with a modest budget.


The Maximizer Innovations studios created World777. There are over 10,000 installations. One of the largest mobile gaming platforms in India, it is an outstanding mobile game and competition.

The most recent version of trivia provides a variety of games, including Carom. World777 offers knowledge, a tonne of prizes, and entertainment all in one. You may actually browse through a variety of games on your Android device using the app. The UI separates the games into a number of genres, including fantasy sports, sports, adventure, and action.

Junglee Rummy App

The Junglee Games studios are responsible for creating Junglee Rummy. Over ten million people have installed it. It’s a fantastic mobile game that is very well-liked by the Indian populace as a great method to play and earn money making games instead of just passing the time.

It is a well-known card game variation with a top-notch user experience that enables all rummy enthusiasts to play rummy card games for free as well as for real money making games. Each game lasts for one deal only, and the winner receives the chips from the losing players based on the count and entrance value. One can choose from 2 or 6 player tables, joker or no joker versions. There are no-cost rummy tournaments available, as well as a Multi-Table Tournament where numerous players can compete with one another.

PlayerzPot App

The most popular and widely used game app in India is called PlayerzPot and is provided by Balogun Gift Studios. There have been 10,000 instals overall, and counting.

It is a component of Play Games 24×7, and the nicest thing about it is that the largest prize pool tops out at a staggering Rs. 4 crores. With a minimum payment of Rs. 25, one can register to play right away after downloading the app for free. It has a user base of 5 Million people, a rating of 4.5/5, 1,98,272 total votes, and more than 10,000,000 instals.

After choosing from the closed or open deck and getting rid of any extra cards, one must swiftly arrange the cards to create at least two sequences and sets. A sequence in this case consists of three or more cards in a row of the same suit. Its pure sequence is created without the use of a joker using three or more cards from the same suit arranged sequentially. Its impure sequence is created with the printed joker and wildcard joker along with three or more cards of the same suit arranged sequentially. The joker is used to join sets of three or four cards with the same value but a different suit, making a total of 13 cards.


About 13 million individuals play the fantasy cricket eSports game 10cric. It has a 3.9/5 overall rating and 641 users with 10,000+ installations have given it a thumbs up. In this game, the user can choose from a group of 25 or 30 players to form a team of 11 players. As the live match starts, your performance as one of the 11 players earns you points. Your ultimate score determines your ranking.

It is provided by Sohag Inc, and players can immediately begin. The winning sum is determined by the competition, which can be both national and worldwide. It enables you to create and manage a team with your own group of all-star players, wicketkeepers, bowlers, and batsmen, as well as enter a challenge that fits within your spending limits.

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