Top 5 hottest PPC trends for 2019! You Need to Know in 2019


[ad_1] In the world of search engine results, competition is fierce. As the curtains close for 2018, there were massive changes at Google – Google AdWords was rebranded as Google Ads with an updated interface and multiple new targeting options and campaign types. This is the same with Bing Ads, Microsoft released a bunch of new features which include LinkedIn profile targeting. Adding to this, Amazon advertising took off as well. Undoubtedly, 2018 was a big year for PPC trends.

Now that 2018 has gone by, let’s focus on what’s left of the year at hand, 2019.

Expect to see another big year for PPC with a whole new set of features from leading platforms.

Last year the hot trends included automation, voice search, and artificial intelligence.

In 2019, there are two persistent trends in everyone’s mind – automation and audiences.

To point you in the right direction, here’s a list of significant trends to follow.


Move over keywords, this year, advertisers are shifting focus from keywords and giving more importance to what audience search for.

For time immemorial, the main feature of marketing via search engines is the use of keywords. Now, marketers are expected to adopt strategies for targeting the audience. This is one of the practices which doesn’t shift the focus away from the usage of keywords, but just that audience will be given more importance than keywords. The information of what the viewers search for are gathered, segmented, and implemented while targeting the audience.

Not only do you get your ad in front of your targeted audiences, but can showcase your products to them when they’re searching for it. Plus, the messaging can be as relevant and feel as personalized as possible. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, you need to be able to serve ads which are personalized yet relevant at the right time.


If you’ve kept up with the trends of 2018, you know that PPC advertising services have already made significant strides with this. For example, Google places ads which suit everyone thanks to automation.

Automation isn’t ground-breaking, it’s been present in digital marketing for a while, but the use of AI’s in the process is more prevalent now than before. The accuracy of machine learning continues to improve, and its availability better. Even the smallest businesses are leveraging it.

All this is impossible without data. Hence, there’s a push to collect as much data as possible. Once gathered, allow the machines to take over and automate the process, saving you hours of work, which you can use to focus on improving other areas. The automation process includes bidding, targeting, and refinements.

Although the algorithms are much better than in previous years, not all the suggestions made will be right for you. Automation works best with a touch of human oversight.

All in all, it’s an accurate and cost-effective method which saves a lot of time!


Video marketing

Video marketing was big in 2018, but it promises to be even bigger in 2019. Videos are a powerful and incredible marketing strategy to publicize your products and services over the internet. Moreover, people buy only when they see what they are really getting, and hence, it’s seen that display ads get more clicks than text ads.

Video ads offer relatively low-costs, aesthetic appeal, reach and unskippable ads for a business. It certainly takes more effort but bears sweet fruits.

Moreover, for search engine marketers to stay relevant in the industry, it’s imperative that become good at marketing through video content as well.

Videos are quickly becoming the top content on more and more platforms. Expect to see more updates like Google’s vertical video ads.

As a design company, if you don’t have the budget for TV commercials, you can create and post ads on YouTube, where you can gain a large audience at a relatively low cost.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 ads result in global ad recall and the average increase in interaction with the brand for bumper ads (short ads) on YouTube is over 30%?

The bottom line, videos are a crucial inclusion in your strategy.


Did you know that Alexa can do more than just play a song? eMarketer states that the number of people who will use voice assistants in the United States will nearly increase twofold by 2020. Some even boldly say that 50% of the search volume will be made up voice search by that time.

During voice searches, people use a more conversational tone to communicate with their assistant. So instead of typing into Google ‘Starbucks near me’, they’ll say to Siri something like ‘Hey Siri, where is the nearest Starbucks?’ To get ready for this shift, marketers can make their content more conversational to match the tone used in voice searches.

Another popular search is visual search, where the query is in the form of an image and not text. Last year, a whole bunch of companies like Instagram launching their shopping service, Snapchat partnering with Amazon, and Pinterest with Pinterest Lens, started their own visual search service.

Although not fully developed and in the developing stages, this year is going to see significant advancements. There’s going to be a fight to the race of spot number 1 for companies to be seen as the go-to visual search app. For this, you need to create a catalog of pictures with metadata so that images can be recognized and picked up by search engines.

Remarketing is the strategy of targeting customers who have visited your website before. There is going to be a big focus on this in 2019 for a simple reason – it offers conversion rates and quick click-throughs.

Simply put, you track and display persuasive ads to those who have left your website, which brings them back again and again until they hit ‘buy now.’ This approach can be highly successful as it’s exceptionally personalized – a person will get an advertisement for products they added to their basket and didn’t buy or an ad about a particular product they viewed.

It’s believed that 98% of users exit a website without buying anything, and they are likely to return and convert to customers when they see ads. Although this method works, a marketer needs to create extremely personalized and high-quality content to target the customer.

The audience is everything. It’s time to focus your remarketing efforts on finding out where your audience buys from and create personalized ads which will help them make a decision.


The fundamental prerequisite for the growth of a business in today’s market landscape is a robust online presence which goes beyond the presence of an excellent website. The online space is becoming highly competitive; you cannot just put your feet up and wait to be found by potential customers.

If you want to reach out to your target audience, you need a proactive outlook with campaigns that are captive and drive them. In 2019, SEO isn’t enough. For a stronghold in the online space, you need to make room for PPC as well.

PPC grows exponentially year after year, and it’s humanly impossible to close this ever-growing gap and act on all the best strategies. As expected, 2019 is a year with huge shifts and updates.

For marketers, it’s essential to make a note of all that’s happening, so you’re in the know-how of what trends to focus on and what not to. With this handful of strategies, you can make the most of PPC and propel your business to grow.