Raksha Bandhan is one of the most beloved festivals by the siblings because it allows them to express their love for each other. The bond of a brother and sister is the loveliest bond ever, and no other person can replace the place of siblings in our hearts. The most important part of this festival is the rakhi tying ceremony that allows the sisters to tie their love in the form of a sacred thread on the wrist of their brothers. When the rakhi is tied on their wrist by their sisters, they make a promise of taking care of them throughout their life. Along with this powerful promise, they also give gifts to their sister to celebrate this day to its fullest. Thus, to make your loving brother feel special, you should get a beautiful rakhi for him.


We will be sharing some of the different types of rakhis for this festival. To get them, you can prefer the various portals from where you can order & send rakhi to India online and can get them at your place.


These kinds of rakhis are very fancy and have locking ends. A bracelet rakhi can be found in various colors and designs and are very popular among the siblings because of their unique appearance. A rakhi holds the love and care of the sister and helps them to express their eternal feelings for their brother. Goosebumps can be felt during this ceremony of rakhi tying, and hence a bracelet rakhi is one of the perfect choices to celebrate these lovely and auspicious moments. Your brother will adore you for choosing such a beautiful rakhi for him.

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We all are aware of the various religious beliefs that are associated with the Rudraksha. It is believed that they originated from the teardrops of Lord Shiva and are known to bring good luck. Thus, you can shower blessings on your dear brother with this auspicious rakhi. Your brother will surely love this rakhi and will feel blessed when you will tie it on his hand. You can get this rakhi easily from the market and can also get them from the various online stores.


You can make your loving brother feel special on this auspicious day by tying a rakhi made of silver on his wrist. This rakhi will always stay with him and will keep reminding him of your love and affection for them. Not only this, but the silver metal is also considered to be very auspicious in the Hindu culture and is known for its lustrousness and purity, thus adding more grace to this beautiful rakhi. This lovely rakhi will strengthen your bond with them and will also be liked by your brother.


Maulis are already used in the Hindu culture as they are associated with religious beliefs. It is believed that they protect the individual from evil and are a symbol of positivity and devotion. Thus, sisters can use these types of rakhis to tie on their brother’s wrist that will add more grace to this festival and will also highlight its auspiciousness. These rakhis may look simple, but they are very beautiful and can touch the heart of your brother with its purity. The saddest part is when you can’t celebrate this day with your brother because of the long distance. Send rakhi online to your dear brother in this case and mark your presence with it. 



If you have a little loving brother and want to get a special rakhi for him, then you can get a cartoon rakhi for him that will surely make him smile. There are thousands of cartoon rakhis that have various characters printed over them, such as Shinchan, Doraemon Ben 10, etc. These lovely rakhis will surely be loved by your little brother and will add more excitement to this day. Kids love watching cartoons, and thus, when they see their favorite cartoon character on a rakhi, they will start dancing with joy and happiness.

We hope that you loved this article and it helped you a lot in choosing a rakhi for your brother. The option of online rakhi delivery to Gurgaon can be used to choose among a large variety.

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