Top 10 ways to use Facebook to promote your business

Facebook is today a pay-to-play marketing platform. However, despite all the grumbling and moaning of marketers when it became apparent that Facebook was no longer accessible for marketing, they continued to use Facebook to market. Why? Facebook’s marketing ROI is extremely high even though it’s a paid platform. It’s worth it.

Zen Media has managed hundreds of Facebook paid campaigns for clients. This gives us firsthand knowledge of the potential ROI click here.

Despite this, there are still powerful ways that businesses can leverage Facebook for free.

We don’t think so. These are ten ways Facebook can be used to promote your business, and they’re all free!

A fan page can help you establish a personal presence for your business.

Social media marketing’s ability to build relationships between businesses, their customers and their audience is one of its greatest strengths. Social media allows consumers to connect with a company and a brand through person-to-person interactions. Imagine how this feeling can be intensified when the consumer interacts not only with the brand but also with the person behind it!

Depending on your social media habits, you may have a Facebook account. If you already have a Facebook account and prefer to keep it private, it allows you to create a page representing your professional, public persona. You can also use your profile to communicate with customers. Engage with people who visit your brand’s Facebook page to build a following.

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Keep your brand strong.

Although your company’s Facebook posts won’t appear in your audience’s newsfeeds unless you pay to promote them, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be posted on your page. Today’s customers use Facebook to search for information about companies. This could be basic info such as contact information, hours of operation and customer reviews. It’s an excellent way for customers to show that they are not only satisfied but excited about their page.

Join Facebook groups.

Although LinkedIn is the most popular online networking platform, professionals can also use Facebook groups. Many Facebook groups cater to different industries, professions, or interests. Your account can be used to join groups with colleagues and groups that are likely to appeal to your target audience.

Your name will be more widely known if you participate in the discussions within these groups. You’ll also become a leader and expert in your industry. It is essential not to be solely in these discussions. This is the fastest way to lose this potential flow of connections and leads.

Facebook allows you to customize the search for groups by using different keywords. Facebook will also make suggestions based on your profile. These are the groups Facebook offers in the area of “Leadership”:

Create your group.

Are you having trouble finding a Facebook group that matches your needs? Make your own Facebook group! You can invite members, post articles, participate in discussions and meet a lot of prospects. Your industry leadership status is automatically conferred upon you because you control the debate and own the group. This can help your members when they see the value in what you offer.


List all events.

Are you interested in hosting a webinar? You can create an event page to invite your friends and other members of the groups to which you belong. You can also see how many people have RSVP’d and get feedback from them.


Automating the task is possible if you are certain you won’t be able to remember to share blog posts from your company on your Facebook profile or page each week. You can automate this task using various online tools, including WordPress plugins and digital marketing software. Each blog post will be automatically posted to your Facebook page. Increased exposure = more traffic = more leads

Get your network to share blog posts.

You should ask your employees, partners, customers, friends, and family members to post blog posts from your company on their Facebook pages. Cross-pollination is a term Shama describes as one of the Five Principles of Momentum. Shama also discusses it in Shama’s new book Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform your Brand in the Digital Age. Shama says:

Cross-pollination is incorporating every resource in your company into your marketing strategy. This allows each to inform the other. These often untapped resources can be added to the mix and create something new and powerful. Your marketing momentum will grow dramatically as a result.

You can reach new audiences by tapping into the reach that posts from personal profiles still have.

Reach out!

Are you a fan of or admirer of someone’s work? Get in touch with them via Facebook! People check Facebook messages more often than they do their emails. People are more likely to reply to Facebook messages. You don’t feel comfortable sending a message to someone you don’t know. No worries! Don’t worry! Post on other pages as your business account and not your budget.

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Facebook Live allows you to stream live videos.

Live video gives viewers the feeling of intimacy and immediateness. It also encourages them to stay longer than regular videos because of their unpredictable nature. For more information, check out our blog post Why Facebook Live will be Hotter than YouTube for Your Business.

Create a community.

Facebook’s most significant advantage is its ability to build a community. You can create a community of people who are connected to you and open to your messages. You can engage with people authentically by writing on their walls, replying to their comments, conversing with them in groups, and introducing people to one another. You’ll be surrounded by people who support you and your business before you know it. In return, you can offer them a free guide about your industry throughout advocacy marketing.

Facebook marketing is now pay-to-play. However, it is still about building relationships and making connections. To continue doing so, you need to learn the right strategies.

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