Tips for Planning a Successful School Formal Catered Party

Tips for Planning a Successful School Formal Catered Party

Food, drink, friends, good conversation – School formal dinner party is, in the end, a simple and enduring combination of ingredients, made unique by what hosts and guests infuse the party with. Are you planning to hire school formal dinner party catering services? Many factors determine whether your event will be successful or an evening of the same old boring food and drinks. To help you achieve a more flawless and fun-filled gathering, here are a set of guidelines with everything you need to know about throwing your school formal party.

Here are a few tips on how to plan a successful catered event.

Tips For Hosting School Formal Party

1. Hire The Right School Formal Catering Company

When hiring a caterer, you should make sure things in order to make your party successful. Here are a few questions that you have to ask to select the right catering company.

– How long have they been in business?

– Can the caterer provide references?

– Does the caterer have a license?

– What type of payment can they take – cash, check, credit card?

– What is the total cost and what is required for a deposit?

– Do they offer food and drink packages?

– Do they provide the cake?

– What do the servers wear?

– How many servers will be provided?

– Can you arrange for a tasting?

– Can you create a themed food menu?

– Does the caterer provide certain foods such as fresh or frozen, locally grown, organic, and specific cuisines?

– How many guests can the caterer accommodate?

– Is the caterer available on the date you need them?

2. Plan a Service Style that Fits the Event Timing

Timing is everything. This is especially true when determining the menu and meal service for a catered event.

School formal lunch catering requires food menu items that can hold up for longer periods without ruining the integrity of the food. If your guests only have a limited time for breakfast or lunch, box meals and lunches are the best choices for meals of 30 minutes or guests on-the-go.

And so it’s important to choose the type of meal and menu options that best suit the allotted time your guests have for the meal or event.

3. Offer Several Alternative Menus

To ensure that all guests will be able to enjoy the meal and the event, once you’ve done your best to tailor the school formal dinner party catering menu to your guest’s food preferences, you will need to offer several appetisers, buffet, and entrée choices.

Here are some general guidelines to consider when planning your catering menu.

– Offer a choice of two desserts, one rich, one for the health-conscious.

– When possible, allow guests to add their condiments separately.

– Offer two or three salad dressing options for salad courses, including good quality oil and vinegar for the conscious health guests.

– Offer more than one choice of entrées. That way, both the meat lover and vegetarian are pleased with their meals.

The Bottom Line

Planned your school formal party by choosing the day, and inviting? Now comes the tricky part; planning the food and beverages for this catered event! Hire one of the leading catering companies in Sydney, and make the party hit.

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