Things To Do When There Is No Electricity

Things To Do When There Is No Electricity

Technological advancements have made our lives easier. But at the same time, it deprived us of many privileges. 

Going down memory lane, I remember the time when there were no inverters and a constant electricity supply. As a child, we enjoyed the time when there used to be power cuts in our area. All the family members gathered on the terrace under the open sky and played games and enjoyed chit-chats and banter. That was such a wonderful time. 

But after the invention of the inverter, we get a constant supply of electricity. But sometimes, power cuts do happen irrespective of every advancement available. 

Sometimes we are lucky to get it back in a few seconds or minutes, but sometimes it goes for hours. 

Then what happens is. We are left with nothing because all our devices work on electricity. In those crisis times, how can you spend your time doing what?

We have curated a list of things you can do when there is no electricity. So make sure to check out because you never know when you might need it.


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Read a book-

Reading is a great hobby and activity as well. It is not just a way to keep oneself busy but at the same time gain knowledge and entertain oneself. If it’s daytime, then you can be involved in reading during power cuts. You can pick your favorite storybook or novel and get on with the reading process. You can accompany it with a cup of hot tea or coffee as you like.

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Try DIY-

Art and craft are great ways to engage your right brain and make something creative. Just gather all your craft supplies or random waste materials from your house, including newspaper, empty bottles, and tissue paper, and make something creative. You can later use them as a decoration. You don’t have to be artistic to do art and craft. It’s all about using your imagination to make something. So get your creative juices flowing. These days you can buy rakhi gifts for your siblings online.



It’s the best way to utilize the time during power cuts. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, you can still try doing indoor workouts to stretch your body. You can do yoga, aerobics, or skipping as a part of your workout. If your phone is a bit charged, you can check out exercises online as well.


Play an instrument-

If you play a particular instrument, it is the best time to practice it. You can utilize this power cut time to play your favorite instrument. These days online gift shopping has become quite accessible.


Play a board game-

You can also engage your family with you during power cuts by playing board games with them. You can play ludo, chess, snakes and ladder, business, etc. Just enjoy this time with your family.



Journaling is an art that you should try. Journaling is a way to pour out your heart on paper. It’s a great mental exercise. If you haven’t tried this before, then you should give this a try during power cuts. You need a notebook and a diary for this, and you are good to go. 

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Cleaning is the most tedious task. But when you have nothing to do, cleaning is the best way to engage yourself and make your house spic and span. You can change the setting of the house and make it look different. It will add a fresh vibe to your home. You can clean your kitchen, wardrobe, storeroom, bookshelf, or even your dressing table and rearrange the stuff.



If you love plants, then you can do gardening during these power-cut intervals. You can plant new seedlings or get some cleaning done in your garden area. Give water to your plants, clean the leaves, pluck what’s unnecessary and give your plants a new look.


Take a walk-

You can walk during power outages and enjoy nature for a while. It’s a great way to rejuvenate yourself. You can also go for a bike ride if that’s something you like.


I hope you liked and found the article helpful. Power cuts are serious issues, but we can’t do anything about them. All we can do is utilize our time and put it to good use. So try out these things whenever there are power cuts in your area.


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