The Most Popular Teaching Resources for Your Classroom

The Most Popular Teaching Resources for Your Classroom

Did you know using the best teacher resources can support student learning and improve student success? Yes, teaching without resources is like building a house without power tools. Gone are the days when the teacher’s edition of the school-selected textbook was considered to be a primary resource for classroom teaching. Today, one can find a wealth of resources for teaching online and is available at the click of a button. Whether you are aspiring to become a teacher or already a teacher, being aware of the best teaching resources available online allows you to improve student’s education and benefit your career.

So, here we’ve come up with the best teacher resources in Australia that are perfect for engaging activities, classroom display, and more.

Reading Group Posters

Reading group posters come in 28 numbers and are suitable for different classroom activities including, guided reading, literacy or maths groups throughout the year. You can download these posters, print, laminate, and hang them in your classroom. If you are looking to add some colour and fun to your classroom environment, these posters are the absolute choice.

Spelling Tests and Activity Templates

You can use this teaching resource for students to use for their weekly spelling tests for 10, 15 and 20 +5 extension words. These templates include nine spelling pre and post-test templates and five worksheet activities for students. They can use it daily or on a weekly basis to learn correct spelling.

Ice Breaker Slides

Ice Breaker Slides are the engaging back to school activities for classmates that enable them to get to know each other. This pack includes 30 slides that ask questions to spark new ideas and creative answers. These resources are suitable for grades one to six in which students can find similarities and differences with their peers and trigger interesting conversations to break the ice.

Early Finisher Task Cards

Resources for Teaching offers fast finisher task cards for years one to six to reinforce skills your students have learnt that will keep them busy all year. Early finishers can pick one up when they have finished their regular work and teachers can concentrate on kids who are struggling with their work. This also helps teachers to provide tasks to their children, depending on their ability.

At Resources for Teaching, you can find plenty of fun activities and classroom resources to choose from to conduct classes in an exciting way.

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