The Merits and Demerits of Carpet Cleaning Techniques

There are a variety of carpet cleaning techniques that can be employed by professional carpet cleaning agencies in carrying out their job. All of these methods have their respective pros and cons. There are 2 categories of carpet cleaning techniques, which are dry cleaning and wet cleaning. For your professional carpet cleaning in London, a wet cleaning method might be used, and it involves the hot water extraction method. An absorbent pad can also be used. In employing the dry method, powders and foams are used along with the utilisation of special machines that have brushes, pads, or rotating cylinders.

Wet Cleaning

This cleaning technique is also known as hot water extraction or steam cleaning. In order to pre-condition the carpet, a reagent is used to liquefy debris and oil-based substances that may have been embedded in the fibres of the carpet. Hot water that is almost boiling is pressurised and injected into the rug.

The water is allowed to settle for about 10 – 15 minutes. A vacuum is then used to extract the solution.

Merits of wet cleaning

The merits of wet cleaning are:

  • It is commonly recommended by carpet manufacturers, experts, and industrial cleaning professionals.
  • It is the most commonly used cleaning technique
  • It offers prolonged stay time for the reaction of cleaning solution
  • It uses high temperatures, pressure, and cleaning concentrates.
  • It deeply extracts soil from the depths of the carpet fibres

Demerits of wet cleaning

  • It is a more expensive option
  • Maximum efficiency is required for the equipment
  • The drying phase, which takes a longer time, could be reduced by simply employing qualified professionals with powerful machines.

Absorbent Pad Cleaning

Another name for this cleaning technique is bonnet cleaning. It is primarily used for soft, routine carpet care. It is also one of the recommended methods for regular carpet maintenance. The first thing technicians do is vacuum the carpet. Using either a hand pump or an electric sprayer, a cleaning solution is sprayed on the rug.

The solution is allowed to stay on the rug for the required time. The pad or bonnet can be likened to a towel. The bonnet is positioned on the drive block of the rotary machine and run over the surface of the carpet at a speed of 100 to 300 RPM.

This action injects the carpet fibres with a cleaning solution that is extracted along with the debris afterwards.

Merits of absorbent pad cleaning

  • It is an excellent solution for lightly soiled carpets
  • It is a quick, simple, and affordable solution.


  • At the end of the day, cleaning solutions and soil gather at the base of the carpet fibres.
  • It is not suitable for reaching into the depths of the carpet.
  • It cleans only the top third of the carpet fibres.

Dry cleaning with an absorbent compound

In this method, special cleaning agents and solutions are mixed with a powder and poured all over the rug. A counter-rotating brush-fitted equipment is then used to work the mixture into the carpet fibres. The powder helps to soak up the debris. It is allowed to dwell for 10 to 15 minutes and then vacuumed.


  • Within 20 minutes, the carpet is back to work
  • Quick drying
  • For a simple system, you do not need any technical training


  • It can not reach the deep layers of the carpet
  • It can cause plenty of dust in the house
  • The powders can get stuck in the carpets and accumulate over time with a plush pile.

Dry Foam or Rotary Shampoo Method

This cleaning method involves the application of a cleaning solution to suspend soil and debris in the carpet. It is worked into a lather and applied into the carpet fibres through a special equipment that features rotating brushes. This professional carpet cleaning method requires little stay time before the foam is extracted with a vacuum.


  • The carpet tends to dry quickly as a result of the little moisture level
  • The rotating brushes offer great agitation
  • It is a quick, simple and affordable solution to implement.


  • A malfunction in the machine can result in excess wetting
  • It is impossible to attain high temperatures
  • It is difficult or impossible to extract debris from deep within the carpet fibres thoroughly

In order to know the most suitable cleaning technique for your carpet, make sure you consult a professional carpet cleaning company today.

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