The List of Features That Entrepreneurs Should Not Miss on Their Uber Clone App

uber clone

The advent of on-demand service apps has redefined the taxi service industry. The revolution ignited by Uber has spread to every country in the world and has become a profitable sector. As people had several advantages in using on-demand ride-hailing service apps, they no longer preferred traditional taxi services. If you are an entrepreneur with plans to step into this profitable industry, this article is for you. Go through it to learn about the features that will be expected by every modern user. 

Features that shouldn’t be missed on your Uber clone app:

Admin panel

Ride allotment:

Although the drivers will get notified about trip requests from the customers, the admin team can also assign trips manually. This feature can come in handy when the trip requests are made from areas with poor reception. The admin team can help riders in getting rides on time even during peak hours.

Driver transaction:

The admin team can generate weekly and monthly reports from the app. The report will consist of total revenue, commission fee, and other critical elements. The admin panel can be used as a timely ledger that accounts every financial detail of the drivers.

Driver commission fee:

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You can seamlessly set standard rates for the drivers, and it can be customized as per your convenience. Ensure that your drives are well informed about their commission rates.

Dynamic dashboard:

The dynamic dashboard helps the admin team to track the business operations seamlessly. They can oversee completed, pending, and cancelled rides at any time.

Driver side app

Real-time request:

Taxi drivers will get trip requests from users in real-time and can choose to accept/reject them. They can work in their preferred hours and will be paid accordingly. This flexibility in working hours paves the way for best customer service.

Route optimization:

Route optimization works in two significant ways in almost every on-demand ride-hailing app. It plays a significant role in showing the fastest and efficient route to the drivers so that customers will get rides on-time. Drivers can choose to reroute during their journey, and the navigation will adjust itself. The drivers can customize predefined routes in their app and can be useful while returning,

Daily reports:

The drivers’ daily reports will consist of their earnings, rides, performance, and other crucial details. It can be useful to improve their services and to keep track of their profits on the app. The drivers can also view the user feedback and look into their drawbacks.

Extra earnings:

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It would be better if you integrate bonus features for drivers to boost their revenue. The drivers should get extra rewards if they complete a certain number of trips on the platform. Apart from these, the drivers should also get referral bonuses for every successful registration.

Customer-side app

Schedule booking:

It would be better if your users can avail cab rides in advance. This feature will be useful in peak hours, festival periods, etc. Users need not have to wait for the cab or the driver to accept their booking request. They just need to enter the time, date, and location to get cabs seamlessly on-time. 

Map view:

Map view is a reliable feature that will be used by users predominantly. These features are the selling points of the app as it lets users keep track of their drivers’ location. They can also check for the route and share their live ride details with others. 

Special requests:

Customers should be able to request special requests like portable seats for newborns, special arrangements for elderly people to get inside, attention for disabled kids, etc. Your experimental special-requests feature can add significant value to your brand and app.

Payment gateway integration:

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Integrating a payment gateway into your Uber clone will facilitate hassle-free transactions for your users. Your customers should be able to choose from multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, PayPal, UPI, etc. Ensure that your app development integrates the latest encryption technologies to provide a secure environment for transactions. 

Wrapping up:

It would be better if you go with native app development as it has various advantages over other methods. Ensure that your app development team integrates the best-in-class features into your app to provide a hassle-free and premium user experience

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