The Different Services Offered By A Mental Health Therapist


Gone are the days when therapists were considered to be nothing more than doctors who treated mentally ill patients. These days, therapists wear a number of different hats and offer a range of different services to their patients. Which is why, an ideal mental health therapist needs to have way more than just a degree in psychology. Let’s take a look at all the different services a good mental health therapist would offer.

Private therapy is of course the main one. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, the therapist will try to delve deeper into your psychological and emotional issues and enable you to function better in society. These sessions are conducted regularly and aim at helping people develop healthy mental habits within themselves. Then you have the concept of couple’s therapy for couples undergoing problems in relationships. Such sessions differ greatly from private therapy and give the couple the chance to bring out their relationship woes into the open. While the therapist may just be a passive observer at first, he or she will then attempt to help the couple understand their problems better. The next step will be to actively teach them better methods of communication and enable them to function better on their own. On a similar note, you also have family therapy as well. A therapist might suggest something like this in two situations – if the entire family is going through a conflict or trauma together or one of the family members is suffering from a mental illness of some kind. If the entire family is facing an issue, family therapy will aim at creating an all-round support system. On the other hand, if just one person is undergoing mental issues, the aim of family therapy will be to help the family understand that person’s problems in a much better way. Every person faces problems in relationships and everybody has issues within their family, but the aim of such therapy sessions is not just curative but also constructive. The idea here is to not just solve problems but also actively find solutions to avoid future conflicts. Some therapists also offer specialized services. For example, Mumbai in particular has a number of therapists for teens, these therapists specialize in just dealing with teenagers and helping them deal with their issues.

Be it a therapist for teens or just a regular mental health therapist, one thing is clear – a therapist needs to be much more than just a doctor for psychological issues. In many ways, a therapist also plays the role of a counsellor while others rely on their therapist’s guidance and advice on a number of matters. A good therapist not only needs to be a good listener but should also have the empathy to truly relate with their patient’s problems and issues. An ideal therapist will not only be concerned about your mental health but also your mental and emotional well-being. They aren’t there just to help you figure out your mental issues but to enable you to live a full, wholesome life.