The Best Nightlife in Tenerife

Tenerife is widely known for its party scene – you won’t have difficulty finding a buzzing bar! Though the nightlife is never-ending, it’s handy to be in the know about the very best venues before you head out on your first night there. Find out how you and your mates can really make the most of a Tenerife holiday. 

La Laguna

If you like student life at home, you’re going to love it in La Laguna; it’s home to the island’s university. The small streets are crawling with young partygoers and have an excellent selection of bars, remarkably untouched by tourists. Blend in with the locals and dance the night away – live music performances are common here, so prepare to enjoy a varied music scene (the nearest club is a short taxi ride away, but many of La Laguna’s bars tend to feel just like clubs anyway).

Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is definitely worth a visit – it has everything you could wish for if you’re looking for a night out with friends. Spend the day relaxing and curing your hangover on the beach before heading out again to the surrounding party spots. There are plenty to choose from, ranging from classier, upmarket bars to smaller, crowded clubs. Whatever you’re into, Costa Adeje has the perfect venue.

Puerto de la Cruz

If you want to experience the infectious beats of Latino music, Puerto de la Cruz is the perfect place. Since Tenerife has a South American influence, there is a prominent Latino club scene enjoyed mostly by the locals. There are several clubs in Puerto de la Cruz that showcase this musical influence, so be sure to check one out before your holiday ends.

Papagayo Beach Club

This popular beach club boasts weekly DJ sessions and a unique outdoor party scene – enjoy the beautiful sunset before grooving with your friends in the swanky courtyard. There is also an indoor dancefloor, so you won’t miss out on the classic club experience. Dance along to your favourite tunes and enjoy the unique twist each DJ brings.

How to Get There

There are two airports to choose from in Tenerife, so before you book your flights, check which one is the closest to your accommodation. The flight time is usually around four and a half hours, so once you’ve landed you’re sure to want a quick and easy journey to your hotel in Tenerife. Transfers via a shuttle service make your journey hassle-free, safe and easy – you’ll be able to begin your party holiday in no time.

Whether you fancy relaxing in a chilled-out bar or going crazy in a crowded club, Tenerife’s nightlife has you covered. You and your friends are sure to have the time of your life exploring the island’s best party venues.

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