The Best Material for Bathroom Countertop

The Best Material for Bathroom Countertop

Whether you are looking for a countertop to change the look of the existing design in your bathroom or for a remodelling project, there are several materials to choose from. While functionality might be a major concern, you could overlook certain factors that are essential to consider when choosing countertops for the bathroom. Of course, functionality is essential, but bathroom surfaces usually don’t take the beating that kitchen countertops do.

Bathroom countertops can make a statement and still be practical that provides additional workspace. How much to spend and what style to choose should be the major factors you need to keep in mind while selecting materials for bathroom countertops.

Here are the best materials for your bathroom countertop:-


Marble is renowned for its style and luxury for centuries. It is a natural stone with hard and long-lasting material. Marble slabs come in a range of colours and patterns. It could be polished to achieve the bright shine look or honed for a casual matte-finished appearance. Compared to other materials, marble countertops are slightly expensive costing, anywhere from $125 to $200 per square foot and must be resealed periodically. However, marble is a porous material that is prone to etching, scratching, and staining. So, you need to very careful while working on it.

Superwhite Dolomite

Dolomite is a sedimentary rock which is found throughout the world in sedimentary basins. Usually, it is formed when the limestone and lime mud come into contact with the groundwater that is rich in magnesium. Through the process called dolomisation, the magnesium found in the groundwater transforms the calcite into a harder dolomite rock. This is one of the reasons why dolomite stone benchtops durability is higher than most of the other materials. Dolomite stones come in a range of hues and patterns, including grey, green, pink, brown, colourless, and super white. Moreover, super white dolomite cost is affordable than granite and marble.


Engineered quartz imitates the look of granite, limestone, and marble. In fact, it is even more resistant to stains and scratches. Made of quartz particles, this synthetic composite material come in a range of shades and thickness. They are incredibly durable and low-maintenance.


Granite is also suitable for bathroom thanks to its beauty and durability which offers a unique appearance that is unmatched by any other natural stone. Each granite slab has unique pattern with colours ranging from bold to subtle.

Choosing a particular stone can set the tone of the room. Fortunately, most surfaces that are suitable for kitchens also blend well in bathrooms. These include granite, Super White Dolomite, laminate, and porcelain. Choose the one that suits your style and functionality.

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