The Best Day Trips From Athens To Delve

This weekend, dodge your Netflix and YouTube, gets some “me” or “our” time, basically ricochet in the vehicle, and we should take off with us to look at the best goes from Athens to spare your enthusiasm out new experiences incited and your tendency of experience satisfied. 


Before going other than we ought to investigate this astounding city. Athens is the capital of Greece and the soul of the Ancient Greece Civilization. Contact Condor Airlines Customer Care Service for booking your ticket at best offer prices.

5 Most Charming Day Trips From Athens:

  1. Mykonos 

It is engineered in the southeast of Athens and one of the most mind-boggling spots by visitors. No question without including this see your bowl list is deficient to the best goes from Anthems. It is a urbane city with epic nightlife targets and acclaimed whitewashed headways with an undeniable blue improvement. This island is standard with the title of “tense Nightlife” considering how the night is unequivocally making in Mykonos. 

Near Nightlife show, this shocking island offers you parts more things to see here like, old port, clamoring coastlines, and interfacing with fights. You can other than select a vessel here, to dismember Delos Island which is an UNESCO World Heritage you can research Apollo’s ensured house and excellent Artemis’ havens. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 2 hrs by methods for Ferry from Athens to Mykonos. 

2. Nafplio 

In the event that you are searching for a decent trip from Athens with your respected one, by then Nafplio is perhaps the most ideal alternative for you. Nafplio is an unassuming structure in the Peloponnese locale of Greece. It has a mistaking savvy town for stunning ways and guaranteed attractions. 

This unadulterated spot is collected with extolled interest, fundamentally astute commonplace factors, shocking houses, and dazzling structures. Nafplio offers you moving in the Palamindi Castle, it’s a majestuous fortress enclosed 216 meters over the ocean level. In the wake of tiring climbing you have a noteworthy decision to loosen up on the stunning sea shores, this city offers you both oar and sandy coastlines, its all your decision which one you lean toward for loosening up. Karathona, Neraki or Arvanitia are the striking coastlines of this city. In the event that you need some sharp taste, must-visit Museum of Worry Beads. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 1 h 46m through vehicle from Athens to Nafplio. 

3. Andros 

Andros is an island in the South Aegean region and one of the astounding fights for a movements from Athens. It is everything seen as standard for its Sarija spring in Apoikia, from where the water encounters the top of a lion. Andros coastlines are by and large confounding and novel proportionate to each phenomenal. Agios Petro, Chrissis Ammos, and Kypri are ideal for windsurfing. Near this, Vlychada and Megali Peza coastlines are more private and a shocking spot to take out up without sounding guest advancement. 


Attempt to visit the Cyclades Olive Museum, there you can understanding to get settled with the past idea of olive creation and see the significance of olive oil craftsmans. On the off chance that you are searching for something acclaimed taste, by then you should visit Monastery of Panachrantou. Andros in like way offers you 18 meandered trail for climbing and made up for the “Major Quality Trails-Best in Europe”. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 2h by procedures for load transport from Rafina Port to Andros. 

4. Lake Marathon 

It is built close to the town of Marathon, is cherished for a couple, chronicled events, including the brilliant away from of the fight between the Greeks and Persians an essential extended period of time before Christ, the bewildering and calm Lake Marathon. The Lake Marathon is a staggering spot to simply meander, with respect to the outing in eminent days, and welcome the view, as opposed to the dam and the consolidating fauna and verdure offering. Swimming is conceivable in unequivocal locales in any case is headed for most flourishing reasons. 

This lake is commonly a phony lake and causes the water acceptably to the city and its including zones. The pine woods locale around the lake discard up for a central section, so there is no deficiency of humbler than common rising you can take. One of the most prominent exercises is Bird-Watching, there are different sorts of winged creatures to see here. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 39 min by structures for vehicles from Athens to Lake Marathon. 

5. Piraeus 

It is found western shores of the Aegean Sea and is the Greece most basic port. Piraeus is unquestionable for its Ancient safe houses, Modern ports, and Ferry Terminus. This is an authentic city that watches out for Greece history for both past and social purposes. 


Drive Time: It takes approx 30 min through the vehicle from Athens to Piraeus Port. 


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