The 7 Simple Fabric Stamping Tricks That You Should Know


Stamping is an easy and effective method to leave patterns and designs of fabric. It assists workers/sewers to utilize paint in an exact and unique design repeatedly. The design imprints left on fabric through stamping makes an outfit standout from others if it is done rightly.

Leaving design imprints with custom stamps helps you have beautiful patterns of fabric surfaces and escapes you from doing dummy job. Such a marking tool expels the requirements of drawings, painting, or colors.

Here are some tricks for you:

1. Planned/random stamping

In this option, you can utilize a 0 number paint brush or the back of a pencil to create dots on a fabric surface that will be used in cloth making. Textile experts use numerous techniques in planning and leaving patterns and designs of textile pieces. Whether it is random or planned one, you should apply different types to have uniqueness on your fabric designs.

2. Multicolored stamping

In this method of leaving marks on the fabric, textile workers use two or more than two colors in a go. Sometimes, they leave imprints with one color/design and let the marks dry before leaving the imprints of other designs/colors. This stamping method consumes a lot for time.

3. Over stamping

This method refers to leaving the images of one pattern first and repeating the action with another pattern on the same image/design on the fabric. It is done to produce a subtle or dramatic effect on the surface. You can overprint with a shade of the similar color or diverse colors for creating a shadow effect. Leave marks with one color first and use another color over the first image to stamp again. For creating a shadow effect, you apply a grey shade of the similar color.

4. Bleach stamping

It is the trick that you should apply on dark colored fabrics. In this, paint is avoided and bleaching is preferred to give a faded look to the surface. For better outcomes from bleach stamping, hold the bleach with a gel just as a constituency. With a rubber stamp, you can use this method just like painting.

5. Embossed stamping

Do you want to raise the effect of your left marks on fabric? Using embossed stamping is the excellent option for you. For this method of leaving marks on fabrics, you must have embossing powder and do your stamping jobs as you usually do. Sprinkle embossing powder just after leaving imprints on the fabric surface. You should wait for at least 10 seconds to remove the excessive powder from the left designs/patterns on the fabric.

6. Negative stamping

In this method, two mark leaving tools are used for creating a negative space. The second stamp should be compact enough to be fitted in the first one. At first, you leave the first imprint using the first mark leaving tool with a contrasting color. Let it dry and use another to leave another imprint on a fabric surface. This will show that you have removed the paint after leaving the impressions.

7. Drybrush stamping

In this stamping method, the use of paint is done very carefully. Place a little bit of your paintbrush in the liquid paint and coat you mark leaving tool with it. With this, you can create a distressed/vintage look for the fabric surface.


You have numerous ways and options when you come to leave imprints on fabric surfaces. Before selecting any method/trick, you must decide what is easier for you and what designs/patterns/imprints you want to leave on fabrics. Your wise and careful decision will help you get what you wish to avail in cloth stamping.