Telegram or Signal: Which is the Best WhatsApp Alternative?

In this article, we will tell you about Telegram Vs Signal basically to help you decide which messaging application is the Best Whatsapp Alternative if you’ve actually decided to leave WhatsApp. Now, the information that we got or that we are sharing with you in this article is, that we found on Telegram and Signal website and other things that we found on the Internet. The first thing that we want to talk about is the fact that Telegram is a business while Signal is a non-profit organization.

So Signal is not for profit. What that means is they’re going to be accepting donations and at no point are you going to see banner ads or anything like that inside of your application. Now that may be a good thing and a bad thing because you know being not for profit would mean that they might not have a lot of money to actually hire more developers and bring you more features quickly. Just recently signal went down for over 24 hours because they were bombarded with just the number of new sign-ups and sign-ins. And for something like Telegram, that would almost never happen. Another thing to consider is Signal was actually opened by the first founder.

One of the founders of WhatsApp when he left WhatsApp after selling to Facebook, started Signal and insisted that it stays a not-for-profit business which makes absolute sense.  So moving forward, Telegram at some point is going to have to figure out a way to be profitable. That’s just how business works. We don’t know if they’re going to have a premium subscription or maybe they’re going to start having banner ads in their application. Whatever that is going to entail in the future, we really don’t know right now and that’s going to be up to Telegram going forward.


Now, you should note that not every message that you send in Telegram is actually end-to-end encrypted. We believe your calls are but We don’t think the messages are and the idea is you have to actually select a secret message before you start messaging somebody for the messages to be completely encrypted. Whereas on Signal, every single message that you send to anybody for any reason is completely encrypted. There is also information that states that the encryption method that Signal uses is a lot more secure than what Telegram actually uses. So you can decide the Best Whatsapp Alternative for security.

Backup / Cloud Synchronization

Another thing that you should think about is cloud synchronization to know the Best WhatsApp Alternative for backup. Now, with Telegram, maybe you lose your phone or something. The moment you buy another phone and you input your information and your details, everything comes back. All your messages, all your saved messages, videos, text, music whatever it is you kept in a chat.  All that stuff comes back to your new device and you can just download them from the cloud but that’s not the case with Signal. You see with Signal, all your messages and stuff live on your devices. So, if you lose that device for whatever reason, that stuff’s all gone it’s not in the cloud anywhere and nobody can have access to that for whatever reason ever and you might think that’s a great thing which We’d mostly agree but with Telegram, you have to understand that you’d be able to actually reference chats in the future. So maybe you’ve changed your phone 100 times if you need to reference an address that somebody sent you three years ago. We can actually go through the chat and just search for it and then you can get it back. With Signal, that might be a little bit of a problem but if this is not important to you we guess this point does not matter.

Group Chat Limit

Another thing to know about is the group chat limits when it comes to the Best WhatsApp Alternative. Do we believe Telegram has a limit of 100,000 people on a chat? We are not sure about that but We think it’s about 100,000 and Signal has a limit of only 1000. Again, 1000 is already a lot of people and a group chats with 1000 people talking at the same time is already going to be chaos. Now, imagine having a 100,000 but of course, if you want a group chats for like schools or like like-minded people and stuff, cryptocurrency, things like that where there’s going to be a lot of people actually you know, joining and paying attention.

Telegram is what a lot of people gravitate towards because it gives you more features and it gives you more ways to actually handle group chats as opposed to Signal which like We already talked about before probably doesn’t have enough developers to handle stuff like that. So, a 1000 limit is still reasonable but it might be small for some people but again, 1000 is already so crazy.  Now, the final thing that We want to talk about is going to be file size transfers. Now, with Telegram, you can actually send files up to 2GB. We could share pretty much very large files with it. But with signal, your file transfer limit is 100MB. We mean, there are videos that We shoot with my phone that are only 1 minute long that are a lot more than 100MB.  So, keep that in mind. If you’re going to be sending anything more than We don’t know, Instagram memes or short 30 seconds videos and stuff to your friends, you might want to consider using Telegram but then again there’s the encryption that you have to consider.

So, figure out what is important to you in all of these points and then use that information to decide Best WhatsApp Alternative application you want to use if you’ve decided not to be using WhatsApp anymore.

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