T-shirt Size Breakdowns: How to order the Right Quantity

One of the significant challenges for businesses is knowing the correct size of the t-shirt while ordering in bulk. We understand that you may need many of our products for various reasons, such as a promotional giveaway, an upcoming event, or even a business uniform. However, ordering these t-shirts without consulting anyone can be difficult because not everyone needs the same size. This can result in you messing up your order. That is why you must follow certain basic t-shirt ordering tips to ensure that the shirts match the size.

T-shirt Ordering Tips:

Consider your targeted demographic:

You need to be clear on your targeted market. Generally, your target audience will become more apparent when you’ve received printed orders and made some sales. This can help you zero in on the optimal size distribution for your company. For instance: If you look at bodybuilders as an example, you’ll see that they tend to be on the heftier side. Consider the age, type and gender of the audience. Women typically opt for medium or small sizes, while men prefer extensive and extra-large options.

When possible, it’s often more practical to adopt a generic approach. However, this may cause the shirts to be too small for many of your target customers. Therefore, there is also the option of asking your target audience for their feedback on the matter of size. There are many methods for doing this, such as conducting a poll on a social media platform. Since taking part in a poll doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t demand a commitment, it’s more likely to attract a larger audience than a pre-order.

Know the Product’s fitting:

It is usually a good idea to double-verify the sizing and/or order a sample of the things you’re interested in purchasing before placing an order. It is important to remember that clothing has no “standard” or “universal size”. Brand and design may make a big difference regarding how well something fits. Most women’s clothing tends to be form-fitting, sometimes much more so than is typical. Both genders have different fittings and different sizes depending on the body type. You need to be sure of your T-shirt sizing to stick to that measurements when approaching a Wholesale t shirts bulk supplier for your T-shirt order.

It’s essential to consider the brand and manufacturer and the shirt’s fabric and fit when determining what size to choose. Depending on the brand, sizes may vary slightly. For example, it’s possible that a large would be excessively baggy if the shirt were designed to be more loosely fitting than usual, to begin with. However, a shirt that fits loosely in a medium might be excessively tight in a small-sized one. To get a feel for the range of options, have your supplier send you some sample shirts in various materials and cuts before you move from web to print.

Verify availability of uncommon sizes:

The availability of sizes for any particular t-shirt with specific colour can be difficult. Colour options tend to be more limited for sizes beyond 2XL, though this varies by manufacturer. This may hold true for even the tiniest of sizes, the XS.

Think About the Printing Space:

Occasionally, we see that clients downsize since the smaller sizes limit the size of their printed images. This is because the smallest item in order determines how much space can be used for a design. If you want to design the entire part of a unisex T-shirt that shall not fit in a Ladies’ T-shirt. This would require you to reduce the design size across the order, or you would have to drop the smaller sizes. However, remember that some customers may be left out if you forego smaller sizes in favour of larger print space.

Ratio Chart for T-shirt Size:

T-shirt sizing distribution charts can serve as a good benchmark for estimating any group’s size breakdown. However, the size shall vary depending on the target demographic and competitive landscape. You should always order a few extra so you have some on hand in case of unforeseen circumstances or for usage later.

Standard adults/men’s shirts

S- 10%
M- 25%
L- 30%
XL- 25%
XXL- 10%

Ladies shirts

XS – 10%
S- 25%
M- 30%
L- 20%
XL- 10%
2XL- 5%

Teens/the early twenties

XS – 5%
S- 25%
M- 25%
L- 20%
XL- 20%
2XL- 5%

Finally, remember what you purchased so you can easily reorder the same with a Wholesale t shirts bulk supplier.

T-shirt distribution for Large Orders:

Your huge t-shirt order’s distribution will be determined by working with a proportion of the total order. Most people in the United States fall in the middle of the size spectrum, so that most orders will contain more than their fair share of oversized t-shirts.

The percentage of people that wear extra-small sizes is:

Extra-small = 1%
Small = 10%
Medium = 23%
Large = 31%
Extra-large = 23%
2XL = 9%
3XL = 3%

These numbers are an average based on the sales data over the years. Finding out the recipient’s t-shirt size in advance makes placing smaller orders much simpler. T-shirt sizes small, medium, and medium-extra-large are the most frequently ordered wrong. Of course, the precision will also depend on how many t-shirts you order. However, using this as a guide when putting together an order is an excellent way to ensure that less money is wasted.

Knowing the size and the right quantity to order makes things easier for you as well as the shirt design maker. There is a lot to think about in terms of sizing when placing a large order of t-shirts for your business. Every factor is essential when ordering shirts in bulk; you do not want to mess up the order. Thus, it is advisable to give a last check on the fit and quantity before you jump from the web to print.

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