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Do you have an article that you would like to submit article on ArticleXL? We are happy to publish articles that meet our requirements. Articles published on our site benefit from the promotions we run to drive people to our website. This means more people will see your article. We also allow you to include an author bio, which may include a link to your own website. Here are our requirements. Articles submitted for publication will be reviewed by a real live person and rejected if they do not meet our requirements
  • Article length should be minimum 700 words.
  • Articles must be unique. Articles that are identical or similar to articles published elsewhere will not be accepted.
  • Articles cannot be promotional in nature. Each article must provide some stand-alone value to the reader. If you
  • want to mention or link to your organization, you can do that in the author bio.
  • Articles must be written using reasonably proper English, grammer, and spelling.
  • Articles must be consistent with the overall theme(s) of our website.
  • Submit Daily one article otherwise your account BAN from
Note that any links flagged as phishing or malware sites will be removed immediately. ADMIN CAN REMOVE OR EDIT ANY ARTICLE WITHOUT AUTHOR PERMISSION 

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Are you an aspiring writer with lots of courage and potential? If yes then reach out to us by using the contact information that we have provided on our website. You will surely get the most out of this business and you will find many benefits of working with us. Writers and contributors are always welcomed at our website. If you have an article which you think can be very beneficial to people then reach out to us. Write For Us and get the required exposure. You are looking for quality posting services and we are the ones that can actually provide them to you. Our primary goal is to provide high-quality content to the community and we maintain some procedures. These guidelines should be kept in mind if you want us to consider posting your content. The following are the guidelines.

What do We Look for?

We look for quality content and articles are written with a nice storyline. Our primary goal is to achieve the best exposure that you’re looking for in your blog or article. If your article has the required amount of interest and guidelines. We get a lot of submissions each day from different companies, social workers, and individuals who are looking for the right amount of exposure for their content. Sadly, we cannot process each submission if it doesn’t include our guidelines. Most importantly, your content should be related to our niche. We don’t accept adult content or gambling. You need to keep that in mind while submitting your request. If you are thinking what do we lol for in your content then check out the following statements. This would give you the main idea about our guest blogging service
  • We receive submissions and queries from many article writers and individuals but we ignore the ones which aren’t related to our niche. We only deal with SEO, technology, lifestyle, business, travel, startups, and some other niches. If your guest post is about adult content then it would most likely be ignored. submit article if you think it implies our service.
  • Do not just send your submission without any relation to our website. Our audience is very intellectual and intelligent. They have an eye for good and quality content. If you send something that is of no use for our audience then it will be ignored. Try other guest posting services for this, you will only submit cool and catchy content and articles here.
  • Here is an important tip for some of our clients who want to have great exposure by submitting their write for us articles here. Just make sure that your articles contain quality pictures and videos. If you attach pictures then make sure they are of the best quality. Don’t attach pictures with poor pixel quality and expect us to post your article on our website.
  • Our guest post service is one of the best and we are here to help our users. If you want us to try your application then send us a promo code. But keep in mind that we can only try some of the apps. Cannot go broke attempting to try all the apps.
  • The one thing our editors don’t like the most is users asking them if they are interested or not. Reply if interested is the worst email we can get. When you send us something then send in the complete details of the project or startup. We don’t have the time to follow up if we don’t know what this deal is about. Do not waste our time and also don’t waste yours. We are a guest post service. We will automatically be interested in guest posting and submit article .
  • Do you have a business opportunity that we might be interested in? Then pitch it. Send us an email with the complete details and attach files that are necessary to include. If we think it is a great opportunity then we will surely get back in touch.
  • Be as simple as possible, do not over rush things and do not try to over complicate things. Keep things as simple as possible. We don’t want emails that are with complicated meanings and lack the simplicity we are looking for. If you’re interested in our blogger outreach services then be simple and precise.

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This is the most important part that most users forget. You cannot have an article posted without a cool profile. If you are looking to buy a blog post then make sure you have a nice profile. Update your Profile from author profile page or direct from here

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