How to Keep Sports & Casual Shoes Clean?

Footlocker UAE Offers an Ultimate Shoe Care Solution

Do you keep your shoes in well-defined rows in a closet or inhabit to scatter them on the ground? If you keep good care of your shoes, you must know some easy to follow ways to retain your footwear in good condition for a long time period. Whether you want to clean fabric shoes, canvas shoes, suede, slides or sneakers, keep a cleaning kit containing cleaning liquid, brush with quality bristles and non-abrasive microfiber cloth. Receive footlocker uae promo code to get this cleaning kit at discount.

Simple Method to Clean Your Shoes

  • Fabric Shoes

Whatever is the style of your fabric shoes, do not try to wash them in the washing machine because it will damage the glue and the linings of the shoes. Instead, use a cleaning kit and clean the surface with a brush, warm water and a microfiber cloth. Try to work on major sections. Use the soapy solution with a brush to prevent spots. Apply a paper towel and then keep the shoes away from sunlight and heat to air dry. In order to maintain the shape of the shoes, you can put dry paper towels in the shoes and throw away the stuff when the shoes are fully dry.

  • Suede

Suede shoes have napped surface, so you need to show great concern for owning clean shoes. Try to keep the external area dry and use a brush containing soft bristles after wearing the Suede in order to eliminate the soil and dust as soon as possible. In case, the shoes have some stains, try to get rid of them rapidly. To eliminate scuffs and marks, take a pencil eraser and rub it on the surface gently. Unluckily if there are oily stains, use cornstarch or baby powder just to engross the grease. Keep this powder for an hour and then use a brush to lift the stains. For wet stains, take a non-abrasive cloth to take out the moisture, then air dry the shoes and brush. Use footlocker uae promo code to win a chance and purchase hydrophobic spray for shoe protection. The spray is capable to develop an undetectable coating to resist against stains and liquids.

  • Flip-flops

Have you ever used flip-flop on the beach and notice spotty surface after your trip? If yes, take out the flip-flops and pour warm water on it. Apply baking soda and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a brush to clean the spots.

  • Running Shoes

Take out your cleaning kit to dirt off. Take water (one cup) and add detergent in it. Apply this mixture on the rubber areas and mesh of the running shoes; however, do not use on the leather or foam. Wash the laces and keep them to air dry.

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Instead of making cleaning solutions at home, you are given the facility to get shoe care quality kits, liquids and sprays online. The kits hold all the tools that are required to clean your shoes. Just mention footlocker uae promo code and pay the minimum charges while shopping costly products.



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