8 Secrets For Taking Epic Travel Photos Using an iPhone

Most people choose to use their iPhone or Smartphone to take travel pictures since it’s a better option than carrying bulky camera equipment. However, after returning from a wonderful vacation, you get saddened with the quality of your photos. Instead of having aesthetic representations of unforgettable memories, you have blurred pictures that were not able to capture the true essence of your trip. 

But try to reconsider again! Your iPhone can be the ideal travel camera if you know how to take decent photos. And we’re here to help you out with some tips that can ensure success with your iPhone travel photography. 


Why Use an iPhone? 

When it comes to using your iPhone, you won’t be stressed about carrying around a heavy DSLR camera with you when you are exploring. 

If you are sceptical about replacing a traditional camera with the iPhone, just think about all the benefits. Plus, our phones let us take pictures more cautiously if we want to. 

Having a traditional camera will require you to change settings if you need to take great photos. And if you are busy figuring out the camera settings, you might miss the moment that you want to photograph! But with an iPhone, you can take as many pictures quickly without having to worry about the settings and about missing some great stuff.


1. Research About the Must-See Locations 

person showing photo of body of water

Firstly, aside from preparing your iPhone, you also need to do some preparations for yourself. You may also do your research for the popular and less popular locations that are a must-see. Try looking at Instagram, it’s a helpful place because you can find some less popular places which you don’t have any idea about before the research.

You may even put extra effort by looking for blogs written by fellow travellers or local people in the area. These are the people that truly know what’s worth visiting. So go ahead and take inspiration from them when it comes to finding all the destinations you like to see and include a note of them somewhere. 


2. Is Your iPhone Ready? 

person holding space gray iPhone 7

It doesn’t mean that preparation is not necessary when you are using an iPhone camera. Take note that having high-resolution images will generate big files, so make sure that you have a lot of space in your phone or via cloud-based software. 

We also like to suggest that you bring a portable battery charger because using your iPhone to capture images may heavily drain the battery. Also, your phone gets touched and tossed in your bag, you may carry a microfiber cloth to remove dust, grease, or dirt on the lens that creates foggy looking images. Your T-shirt can also do the job to clean the lens! 


3. Include the Authenticity of the Place 

2 boys standing near wooden door

When you travel, what do you think is the thing that makes the place more memorable? It’s the people you meet, right? You may add elements of the local culture in your travel gallery. It’s very easy! All you need to do is snap a quick image of a busy street or a hectic marketplace. However, if you aim to achieve several stunning local portraits, you can set aside some time to interact with some of the locals. When doing this, it’s crucial that you politely approach them and always ask permission before you take a photo of them. It’s better if you try to learn some simple phrases or have a translation app to help you to gain permission. And it’s pretty obvious that people get more conscious if you snap them with an imposing DSLR compared to an iPhone camera which is more comfortable and relaxed for people and for capturing the spirit of an environment. 


4. Explore the Grid Lines of Your iPhone 

There are people who find gridlines annoying but they actually exist to help you when you want to have great photographs on your smartphone. Notice how it can be irritating to have a crooked horizon line in your photos? Well, gridlines are there to make sure that problem doesn’t happen and help improve your composition skills. They act as your guide to include all the elements of the picture equally. They also function as a direction where you can best put one object as the centre of the photo. 

There are a lot of things that make the iPhone the ideal camera for photography, and that includes grid lines that are very distinct. They don’t distract your focus from what’s important, whether that be that people, food, and places. 


5. Know When to Use Flash 

Mr. Flash is your best friend during the night (and darkest times). So watch out when you don’t really need to use it, and avoid it as much as possible. Nothing is better than bold shades and natural colours coming through your photos, and don’t let flash destroy that. And not to mention how it looks horrible when using flash when taking shots of people. 

Natural light is the best, especially when it’s in daylight. As long as there is light, better stay away from flash. We advise that you book a hotel accommodation or weekend getaway location that has plenty of light and the surroundings are vibrant. 


6. Have HDR Its Spotlight 

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High Dynamic Range or HDR is there on your iPhone that serves a function that most of us tend to overlook. It can generate a perfectly exposed photo. If you’ve taken a photo and notice that the objects are too dark or the light is too dim, don’t worry HDR is there to save the day. We’re sure that you don’t want a washed-out picture and HDR will help you with it. What it does is that it takes a few shots which have various exposures. If all the details of your photo get emphasized then it will look more beautiful. However, if you want both the HDR version and normal, you can check out the ‘Keep Normal Photo’ option. 


7. Capture Photos That Tell a Story 

Try to notice it, people tend to appreciate more the photos that tell a good story. If you want to capture the best moments of your travel, you can use the burst function on the iPhone as an impressive way to capture little bits of stories that happen, giving you the chance to pick out the most perfect moment as a souvenir. 

These stories can be simply how the wind blows away someone’s hair, or when someone gets surprised with a gift! You can get creative on this. This is the great thing about using our phones, we always have it in our hands and when a surprising moment comes, we’re ready to capture the moment. You may include questions including “who is that?”, “what’s happening during that time?”, “what happened next?” that will surely provide the story to your audience.  

Despite how artistic you are or not, this comes with a little practice. Once you learn how to use your iPhone, you’ll come home with a gallery of travel shots that none of your friends will believe that they were only taken on an iPhone. Always be confident in taking the time to frame the best shot. It’s better to look like a tourist than coming home disappointed about missing photos of lucky chances. 


8. Don’t Forget to Have Fun While Capturing the Perfect Shot 

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Of course, your vacation should be fun! Taking pictures must not be a chore or something you are required to do. Plus your iPhone is so simple to use, so you’ll be able to use more time appreciating all the sceneries that surround you. And if you use your photos as a tool to express yourself, the results will be more satisfying. At the end of the day, what’s more important is how you’ll enjoy the trip. 

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