Reaction to Buprenorphine Medication Varies From People to People

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When you start off with a new medication your body tends to react in certain different ways which might put you under pressure of “is something going wrong?” This is a common situation when comes to opioid treatment the medications used in these sort of treatments are comparatively heavy that of other medication, thus feeling certain amount of un-comfort is obvious as your body is habituate of using heavy dose of drugs. Treatment of drug addiction can be very much difficult for some people and very smooth to other depending on how much dependency you have on drug.

But we often see patients who go through addiction treatment might feel guilt or depressed about the fact that they are an addicts which makes them isolate themselves and starts neglecting the treatment. But the case is not exactly the way they think. According to the doctors of buprenorphine clinic in New Bedford; people with addiction of drug are sensible to emotions which make them behave vulnerable at time. Times we make too much expectation from medication.

Our bodies are different from inside out:  Treatment does not work same for all the individual, this is where all the doctors faces challenge as they has to remember this fact that some medication can exceptionally  be good for all the patients and can be worst for others at the same time. The same happens with buprenorphine treatment, it might be effective to most the patients but in some case it can also not work at all.

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You are not responsible: If you see no better outcome of your addiction treatment it might mean that your doctor has to come up with a different medication. You are not responsible for failed treatment neither is your doctor; it simple means the medication does not work in your case.

You will leave behind the days of drug dependency: Any buprenorphine medication be it suboxone or sublocade they are consider very well and accurate medication to treat your dependency. But it might take time, nothing can happen within a blink of your eyes you need to be patient and calm and let the medication take time and put out best outcome. Many surveys from different buprenorphine clinic have shown that, with the help of buprenorphine many people have let behind the life of drugs and abuses and leading a healthy and fit life with their loved one. The key is you need to be patient and trust your doctor and treatment.

The treatment can work wonders: Many patients react really well towards the medication, they stop using drugs and feels much better when first dose of buprenorphine is given to them. It feels like miracle, when with every dose of medication the patient starts to live up healthy life free of drug addiction. According to opioid clinic in New Bedford, the hope of walking out with zero addiction of drug is 70% possible with buprenorphine treatment rather than other opioid treatment available.

It is a difficult treatment: It can be quite tough when you just start off with the medication. The first dose of buprenorphine medication might not work as you thought, it is hard to quit drugs but it is not impossible.

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Don’t give up on your treatment: It can be hard and painful treatment with lots of relapse and withdrawal symptoms, which might make you think of putting off the treatment. But if you can overcome this thoughts of you will go way with the best outcome of the treatment. Drug addiction is a sensitive case only medication will not completely help you with addiction. Drug addiction treatment requires sessions, therapy and medication.

Which is best buprenorphine treatment – sublocade or suboxone?

Both the medication is very much effective in terms of treating opioid addiction suboxone is one of the oldest medications whereas sublocade is new in the market. Although, sublocade is getting more and more attention everyday as it has show good amount of result and works positively in terms of treating addiction another reason why patient tends to look toward sublocade is that sublocade price is lower than any other opioid treatment medicine which makes it available to all.

You can always seek help from sublocade treatment doctor about all the necessary details that you need to know while choosing medication for drug addiction, a doctor can tell you best about sublocade effects, side-effects, dosage or sublocade cost.

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