Question To Ask Your Barbers About Your Beard


It is something that we don’t want others to mess up and also, it is not easy to deal with a bad beard trim. This is why people are reluctant to have a beard trim the first time.

Trimming your beard can help it look neat and tidy and make the length of beard hair uniform. Some beard would grow faster than the others and so it is necessary that you keep it all in the same length. So, if it is the first time that you have grown a beard, then here are a few tips that help you understand more about it.

  • On an average, your beard grows around one-half per inch in a month. If you are planning to grow your beard for the first time, let it grow for about a month and eventhough you would have the strong urge to cut and trim it, you shouldn’t. It is only when you do so that you can understand how your beard growth is. If you trim during this time, you would have only patchy or thin beard and it would make you even more uncomfortable. Give your beard the time to mature. If it starts to feel ithcy and uncomfortable, you can use a beard oil or facewash with beard moisturizer.
  • No person in the same profession are equal and likewise so no barbers are equal. If you are searching for the best beard trim services, it is best to have a look around your community or to ask anyone whon you come across and sport a great beard that where he is getting it maintained from. This can help you easily identify the best barber beard trim services. Even if you have a short beard, it is good to visit a barber as they can provide you with a neat, balanced and proportional looking beard.

To ensure that everything is going according to plan, here are a few questions that you can ask your barber:

  • What are the different style options for my beard? – An experienced barber can help you in deciding what style you can wear so as to have that perfect and complete look. They can also style your beard in that way so that you look the best.
  • What direction is best to comb the beard? – Different parts of the beard grow in different directions. If you are planning to adopt a particular style and share ith with your barber, he will advise as to which way you ned to ‘train’ your beard to grow. This helps you achieve the style you need.
  • How often should I wash my beard? – You wouldn’t want to wash your beard everyday and your barber will tell you when to wash it. Washing everyday with soap will make it dry and abrasive. Your barber will recommend ways on how to keep your beard clean without washing it. When it comes to washing it, you can use a face and beard wash.

These are some of the questions that you can ask your barber while visiting him for a beard trim. For the best services, visit the best barbers in Essendon and it surrounding areas.