Zoop Expands Food Delivery In Train Service 150+ Stations

Food Delivery in Train

At a time when internet food delivery was still in its infancy, Zoop, one of the earliest IRCTC partners for food delivery on trains, linked clients with delectable meals & city specialties. Over 8 lakh customers have already used Zoop at this point. The concept was working, as sales increased month after month until in March 2020 when a lockdown occurred and trains ceased to disrupt commerce.  The business has established itself as a significant provider of eCatering Food Delivery in Train and now has plans to grow to more than 250 stations in FY 2021–2022.  Offering 20,000 meals daily and taking care of all reserved trains.

One of the first few IRCTC recognised eCatering partners, Zoop is qualified to conduct business in India. The delivery boys have IRCTC-issued ID cards after passing rigorous background checks, and all of the restaurants are FSSAI-certified. Customers can place orders via the website or mobile app, or by dialing 801 080 2222 directly.

Booking Service For Food Online With ZoopIndia:

By adhering to all necessary healthy procedures and utilizing highly automated technology. Zoop seeks to satisfy the requirements for an online meal order service on trains. Long train journey planning takes time, but Zoop lightens the load so you may relax and sleep while traveling. To assure the highest levels of service, we strive to offer fresh, sanitary meals. Depending on your preference, you may choose to pay online or with “cash on delivery.”

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To ensure quality and cleanliness, we pay close attention to the train environment. Food packages cannot be brought inside of trains or into station grounds by anybody other than authorized employees. On our online food order on the train page, the restaurants and stations are presented. Choose a station, choose a restaurant, and then place an order for the food you want. In order to provide the greatest online meal booking service on trains at affordable pricing for your convenience. Zoop has taken care to offer high-quality, nutrient-dense cuisine.

Enjoy Fresh Food Delivery On Train By Zoop:

The train companions, the views, the quaint little stations, the bustling junctions, the vendors, the food, travel companions, sharing stories. The anticipation of reaching the destination while enjoying the journey, and not wanting. It to end are just a few things one can experience while riding through the vast beautiful landscapes of Incredible India! Food is one of the most crucial factors on lengthy journeys because it not only keeps us. Full but also enables us to pass the time by indulging in meals and snacks.

One of the main advantages of Food Delivery in Train online service is that you can indulge in your favorite foods and cuisines while enjoying hot, freshly cooked food from well-known restaurants. The meals aren’t exactly the freshest and may even accidentally rot in hot climatic zones without adequate storage. They are pre-packaged and supplied to you aboard trains and at railroad stops.

The Zoop Provide Hygienic Food In 150+ Stations:

The restaurants that the platform offers and delivers from are all FSSAI approved and adhere to safety guidelines, so the food you get from the Zoop app is not just fresh but also clean and safe. The Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has given Zoop permission to act as a national food aggregator for the e-catering initiative. As a result, authentic platforms and delivery persons who follow protocol enable the delivery of safe, fresh, and hygienic food via the internet.

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Upon logging into the app, you can enter your train PNR number to get a list of the railway station stops where Zoop will deliver, after which you can choose the restaurant from which you want to eat (you can choose a popular food chain or opt a famous local restaurant to try authentic dishes from the local cuisine of the region you are traveling through). When your train arrives at the station, the food you order on train will have already been freshly made at the restaurant and will be brought to you hot.

How can you  place an IRCTC zoop  eCatering food order?

By using e-catering, you can get Food Delivery in Train without having to get out of the train and walk to a food vendor on the platform. It’s a novel and interesting way to enjoy the travel while remaining cozy and practical in your seat. With e-catering, you have more alternatives than ever for anything from breakfast to dinner. It gives you a tonne of alternatives and variety to personalize your dinner while saving you time and money.

With a valid reservation ticket, passengers can book IRCTC meals via eCatering while traveling. The steps are as follows:

Enter the PNR number on the homepage of the Zoop website or Zoop app. When searching by train name or station name, the system will first look up your PNR for order confirmation purposes.

For assistance, you may also dial 8010802222.

Select the station where the food will be delivered, and the IRCTC eCatering Menu. Its offerings and prices will then open.

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Choose the restaurant first, then the meal you want to reserve. The cost of the meal will be listed alongside.

You must select the payment method when placing the order, either cash on delivery (COD) or online payment. After completing the order form, you will receive confirmation of your reservation.

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