Necklaces are classified as per magnitude and fashion.

Princess Necklace:
A very popular range of necklaces which is liked by maximum people. If the length of a necklace is not decided then this is the most appropriate and also looks elegant. A pendant for princess length works for a pretty accessory.
Choker Necklace:

This very neck attached necklace is stunning praise to the long neck because of the importance it places on the neckline. They go fine with the wedding dress as it covers a vast area. This type of neckpieces comes with an adjustable clutch to allow for more space. A variety of color gemstones are a combination of pearls looks elegant in a choker Jewelry, were popular earlier and are once again in fashion trend.

Matinee Necklace:
The matinee Necklace looks in a way that touches the level of sophistication. It is generally used
at casual or business attire to praise a professional look.

Opera Necklace:

Opera Neckpieces are worn as one string for the high neckline and can be twofold which can also be treated as two string choker. The flexibility of the opera length crafts it an attractive option. It can also be tangled to form a retro look.

Rope Necklace:
A lavish extra- long rope and loop necklace radiates an incredibly stylish and elegant look. Rope Necklace can be worn as a double or triple thread depending on your mood. Lariat is a different style of long length necklace. It is generally separated at one end so that you can clutch them in different ways to present it in a more polished form. The length of the neckpiece gives a contemporary look.

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Layered Necklace:

These varieties of Neckpieces are made of various strings of beads or chains. This type of neckpieces comes in different designs and shapes. Many of them, strings are attached till the end of the same clutch where others are made of separate necklaces that are mix and match together.
Layered Necklaces can be made up of a different variety of raw material which includes chains aligned with a variety of gemstones along with diamonds. Every layer can be the same or changed to put contrast and fashion. Multi string Necklaces are in fashion trends now, which came back from ancient Egypt.

Bead Necklace:
Bead Necklaces are very beautiful pieces of jewelry can be wear on any occasion. These necklaces embrace a single string of identical beads accolade by one different bead, sometimes gold chunk which is generally connected in the back by a clutch.

Gold Link Necklace:
A gold chain necklace possesses with itself personality which can be worn on its own without any decoration. This kind of Necklaces can be designed in white, yellow or rose gold, where every color has its style and taste.

Pendant Necklace:

A pendant is like a life to a gold chain. A pendant comes in an extensive range in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Whether you want to have a diamond solitaire one, or a cut finished with gemstone one. And everything will go nicely with a chain.

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