Movie Translation Services Tips to Follow When Video Captioning

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In this article, we’re going to discuss key tips you need to follow for quality video captioning, even when you hire professional movie translation services.

Movie Translation Services – How to Do Video Captioning

These days, so many films and videos are published in different languages over the Internet and screens. Dubbed versions are amazing, but still, people prefer to enjoy videos of foreign languages in their original form, and understand the film via the closed captions. So, as a producer, it is the sole responsibility to ensure that your film comes with properly translated subtitles, so that you reach a wider audience base. Thus, for your potential audience to absorb the interesting information from the video, you must hire professional online movie translation services company, they have well-versed translators with extensive industry experience to meaningfully translate the audio of the film into translated captions.

However, handing over the video to the film translation services craftsmanship does mean your job is done, you’ve to follow the below tips for quality movie translation in the first draft itself. So, let’s check out.

Caption Your Source Material

It is imperative to add captions to your film so that it is accessible to a wider audience, especially the ones who are deaf or hard of hearing. Moreover, it can benefit from the SEO point of view to close caption the video over the Internet. In fact, the majority of the video hosting sites such as Facebook, Vimeo come with the auto feature of speech-to-text auto-captioning, but their capital has a lot of errors. Thus, remember to caption the source video from a professional translator.

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Maintain the Style & Tone

Submitting a video or film isn’t a walk in the park, it requires special skills and years of experience of professional translators working at film script translation services. When you trust a qualified translator, you’ll get the translated captions for the video in a manner that maintains the original style and tone of the speakers in the film. An experienced translator with core-level expertise understands both the source and target language to prepare subtitles for the film that better connect with the audience.

Focus on Meaning

Film translation and subtitling services aren’t about the word to word translation; instead, it is about understanding the meaning of each sentence and word being spoken in the video and then converting it. Because there are certain words in every language that don’t have a replica in another language, that’s your hire someone who has got the skills to understand this aspect of translation.

Inaudible Speech

In the movie, there are a lot of inaudible speeches, like in scene two people are talking, and there is T.V. running in the background. A skilled movie translator is well aware of how to convert these inaudible speeches, and actually let the viewers know, by including baskets or any other way to make them easily identifiable.

Lastly, if you want your movie to have easy-to-digest, informative subtitles, it is important to do your research work to make sure you reach out to a reliable translator. Make sure that the translator you hire has a vast knowledge of subtitling films and videos in different languages. You can easily know that by browning through the portfolio of your prospective translation company, check whether they have done assignments related to yours.

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