Most Modern Decor Checklist Idea to Bookmark for Your Wedding!

Bookmark for Your Wedding!

As the season’s change, pandemic wave and the so-called ‘new normal’ are also shifted. And thus, marriage, in general, has begun to develop. Everything is changing in 2020 but the excitement of Indian wedding planning is still the same. Let’s check the most modern decor checklist idea to bookmark for your wedding!

A great celebration of light carrier and glam

Where we were once a great celebration of light carrier and glam, 2021 caused us to take a major change and embrace the intimate wedding as a new normal. However, with the changing policies and rules, not an intimate wedding more intimate. But they are not as grand as they once did. Thanks to the recent relaxation, couples are allowed to have a wedding of around 100 people. Now, the wedding of 100 people is not exactly an ‘intimate’ set and also not a big celebration. However, it was as big as it gets given this scenario.

So, to help you organize and decorate a wedding for about 100 guests, here are the best checklists decorating ideas for the upcoming wedding. They are simple, easily accessible, and can be easily carried in your wedding venue without spending the big bucks!

Trends Decorating Idea Checklist to 100 wedding guests

Add Multiple Quotes Creative Lockdown

While the pandemic and locks are not the right moments for everyone’s favorite, they have enabled us to enjoy some amazing content and meme-worthy. And this content, or more like a wedding quote lockdown, can be used to lighten your wedding venue. They can be funny quotes about keeping safe during COVID-19 or only directions to remind people to clean their hands now and then written. Installing signage during your marriage will certainly help.

Say Goodbye to The Good Old Stage

Well, an intimate wedding allowed us to release the stages and complexity of creating a special structure for the wedding. For a wedding of 100 people, the idea of ​​the stage can be set aside as well. After all, 100 is a manageable number of people and usually, you need a stage for a larger wedding. Although you may have a designated area for Jaimala and for the bride to sit and meet people, have a whole stage was built from scratch is a little unnecessary.

Set Up More Intimate Table Layouts

With a small number of guests, you now can go to long tables to accommodate everyone. This table can be set up and laid out in a beautiful style and can be added to your checklist intimate decoration ideas in the most amazing ways. Table layout has a more intimate is fun and whimsical way to add more brightness to your wedding celebration.

Adding Printed Menu for Each Table

Another way to take your table decor up a notch is to include a printed menu function for each and every plate. This is just a small way to add a more personal touch to the entire decorating and make it even more beautiful. So, what do you think? This bookmark menu printed up decorating ideas you register NOW!

Background It Catch Eye

Have a nice background for the seating arrangement in which the bride will sit always add a touch of fun to the whole decor. This background makes beautiful photo booths and actually tends to stand out the most as a decor element.

DIY Decorating with Old Elements

Since the new intimate wedding is normal, the cycling of materials to make decorations have become a regular practice among couples planning their wedding. And for a wedding with 100 people, DIY decoration elements should be enough. Not sure how or what to do for a long upcycle as decoration material?

Add A Jhoola Enough For Your Celebrations

One of the most special decor elements that we have seen in every wedding gorgeously decorated jhoolas. Jhoolas made a superb addition to the wedding functions. And to make the classic cute elements of the celebration, the best thing is to decorate your own Jhoola!

Use Candles to Add Aesthetic Appeal

Candles always are a great addition to any kind of decoration. Aesthetically appealing, they are easily available and can be added literally anywhere on the premises. Our favorite kind of candles for a wedding is a pillar candle that can be easily purchased from the Online Store!

Use Curtain Enough to Change Venue

The curtain is one of the easiest ways to transform any ordinary space into a wedding venue. In fact, if the wedding is in your own backyard or patio, colorful curtains that match the theme of your function, be it Haldi, Sangeet, or Mehendi, can be used to create and amplify the beauty of the decor.

Include tree this Venue

If the place you have a tree, then it is our earnest request for you to include them as part of your decor. Trees are oh-so-often present in every marriage right from the beach, lawns, and gardens for your home, farmhouses, and resorts. Quiet marginalizes them wasteful, especially when this is so amazing greens can be decorated to be a part of your decor! Fairy lights decorate them with beautiful or perhaps colorful tassels and glass terrariums. The options are endless!

Do not Forget Charm Beauty Pillow

Put them on the floor, place them in Jhoola or put them on the sofa simple, practical cushion decorating one of the elements that have become a regular part of the wedding function. They are necessary and therefore we suggest you use the most unique out there and cover for those who add a touch of zest to your function!

Hanging Strange Elements to Add

From the basket for decorative terrariums used for umbrellas or even the coolest items such as ribbons and lights, hanging and the decorative element is touching every wedding should have. And the choice depends on the element is not limited. You can go to a variety of dream catchers, or choose a basket or if you want something a little more glam, then a small disco ball will do too!

As fairy lights Decor never disappoints

We all love fairy lights! They are the easiest way to jazz up any evening or night function. In fact, if you cannot get anything from the market (although it is a very unlikely scenario), you can always use the previous year’s Diwali from you! So add some lights as part of your checklist India decorating ideas. You can check some more venues and Ideas for your special day by wedding planners in Jaipur.

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