Can I Spy and Monitor the Android Phones of my Office Employees?

Offices are the place where the Android monitor spy app is used the most. And employers are one of the most targeted markets for spy applications. People want to monitor the activity of the employees to ensure they are on work and provide the best quality work they can. Most of the employees do not respect the work ethic and waste time on social media applications and other activities which are not relevant to the work. Therefore, employers are using spy applications on work to spy on the office employees and their devices. If you are still skeptical about using the spy and monitoring application for the Android phone in your office, you should go for it without thinking again. If you leave it for a while, it will take too long, and maybe you will not be able to find the employee who is not working properly. If you are planning to start using the spy application, you must know the features of it.

Are you an employer who need to keep an eye on the employees and their activities on the Android phone? Do you think Android phones can affect the productivity of the Employees? If you have all of these questions in your head and want to make sure that employees are working at their full speed and without wasting the time with providing the best quality work, you must use a monitoring application.

How the monitoring applications work on Android?

The Android Spy application has many features and capabilities that they can use to ensure they are monitoring on employees properly. Below are some of the features that you must watch out for when you are looking for Android’s Spy application.

Check the media                                                                 

The media shared or received can have a lot of information. The media can contain photos, videos, files, and much more. These media files can elaborate a lot about the employee’s personality and can tell you about the sensitive information that is being shared through various mediums. The Android spy applications work the best to make sure that the employees and office workers are not sharing any confidential information to the people who are irrelevant or inappropriate to know the information.

Check the call log

One of the main features of the Android phone is the call log. Everyone who has an Android phone uses the call log feature, and this is where you can find a lot of information and the contact details of the people the targeted user is interacting with. You can also get and record the call log along with the timestamp. The timestamp will allow you to know when a call was dialed or received.

Record the phone call

The Android monitoring and Spy application will provide you with the feature of recording the phone call. You can record the phone call, and you can also listen to each party is talking on the phone call. There is one other feature that you can use when you are recording the phone call. You can tap in when needed for the intervention. The intervention feature is available in some of the spy for Android.

Mic bugging feature

The mic bugging feature of the Android Spy application also works incredibly. It helps you with listening to the conversation that is happening around the targeted device. This way, you can record and listen to the conversations that are pure and unfiltered.

Is TheOneSpy is the finest Android Spy application?

If you are considering getting TheOneSpy application but skeptical if it is one of the best Android monitor Spy application, we can help you. You can use the various feature of the application to get access to the data of Android phone. TheOneSpy is compatible for both Android phone and iOS.


Whether it is for parents or employers, the Android monitor Spy application comes handy to help both. If you are looking for an Android monitoring application, you must look for the various features that work robustly without any glitch or bug.

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