Make your purchasing efficient by building a giant ecommerce app like Amazon

Are you a budding entrepreneur who wants to run your multi-vendor ecommerce online store like Amazon? Then you are at the right place, and in this article, we will discuss the things to add to your amazon clone app to help you have a massive customer base and enable you to reap huge profits by sustaining your app in the ecommerce world.

Ensure to have more vendors, products, categories for all of your products in a single app like Amazon, and control all the operations in real-time from the master admin dashboard.

What are the services to include in your online store app?

  • Easy to login
    Users can quickly log in using their email address/ phone number or even active social media account credentials.
  • New Arrivals
    Make sure to list all the new and latest products in a separate section on your app, enabling users to purchase quickly.
  • Profile Settings
    Give your users the best shopping experience by allowing them to update all of their details on their profile for one-click purchases.
  • Wishlist
    This allows users to save any of the products they are interested in and purchase later. This way, they need not search for a product from scratch.
  • Enhanced product page
    Enhance and simplify the product page to provide the best browsing experience for your users.
  • Search filter
    A searching algorithm is integrated into the app for accurate results and gives a faster response to do people prefer to use online shopping?
    E-commerce apps like Amazon changed the way shopping/purchasing was done in the past. At present, people can get anything they want with just a few taps from the comfort of their homes using mobile.
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Another primary reason is that the recent e-commerce app comes with the latest technology like AI, VR, AR, and voice recognition that enriches the users’ overall shopping experience to ensure fast, easy, and convenient services.

Statistic Highlights

  • As per the statista report, In 2019, U.S online retail sales amounted to $365.2 billion.
  • It is forecasted to reach close to $600 billion in 2024.
  • It is recorded from the legit source that retail e-commerce in the U.S is projected to generate $194.4 billion in revenue by 2024.

Statistics Report on ecommerce revenue market share

  • According to Statista, in 2020, the revenue generated in the ecommerce market amounts to $2,237,959 million.
  • The revenue is estimated to show an annual growth rate of 7.6% ( CAGR 2020-2024), resulting in a $3,004,191 million market volume in 2024.

While building an app, ensure to include the following features. The ecommerce app has three stakeholders; they are

  1. Users
  2. Admin
  3. Delivery Agent


Amazon User panel clone script features

  • OTP Login
    Users can quickly login with their mobile numbers. Allow them to log in using OTP(One Time Password) for logging in to your app like Amazon.
  • Add to Cart
    Reduce the number of steps to check out. Ensure to have a simple drag and drop functionality to add items to your user’s shopping cart.
  • QR Code
    This feature allows your users to scan and pay to make the payment option even more comfortable and flexible. This outstanding feature enables users to browse anytime from any place, making it a hassle-free process.
  • Comparing with other products
    Most users want to compare products from a wide range of sellers. So, allow your buyers to reach their desired items in your app based on brand, quantity, and other attributes efficiently.
  • Order Status
    The Amazon clone app development assures that it keeps your app users updated about their product delivery status by sending them to order qualities via email, SMS.
  • In-app alerts
    This remarkable feature facilitates users to receive service-related notifications via email or SMS. It helps them to stay updated about upcoming sales, offers, and discounts.
  • Return & Exchange
    This feature helps users to submit requests for the return and exchange of products with ease. Ensure them about the refunds sent to their wallets as per the company policies and guidelines.
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Jotting down the Admin Panel features in the Amazon clone script

  1. Admin Dashboard
  2. Gift Option
  3. Stock Management
  4. Reward Points
  5. Vendor Management
  6. User Management
  7. Cost Management
  8. Refer to Friends
  9. Discount Coupon

Listing the Vendor/Agent Panel features in the Amazon clone script

  1. Vendor Product Upload
  2. We are selling unlimited products on your app.
  3. Commission Rates
  4. Recently Viewed Products
  5. Vendor Product Management

What do we offer?

  • Mobile apps
    We provide white-labeled iOS and Android apps for your users and vendors with all the in-built native iOS and Android source code.
  • Web apps
    We offer an intuitive and the best Amazon clone script for your users and vendors, enabling them to log in, purchase easily, pay, sell, provide feedback, and so on.
  • Admin Dashboard
    We develop an app to monitor the entire business right from reviewing product submissions, approving to adding payment methods, and others with ease.
  • Full customization
    The entire code of the Server, Admin Dashboard, Android, and iOS apps are given with an encrypted code and are designed to suit your business ideas and needs.
  • Payment gateways
    We offer a few payment options by default, and we can add more as per your requirements.
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Wrapping Up,

Having the best Amazon clone script helps more users use your app; thus, it helps your business generate an income due to the app’s consistent usage.

Invest your business ideas and time with us. We will help you walk through your whole journey, right from gathering your requirements to launching your online store. We travel with you even after launching by providing lifelong support and maintenance of your app if any problem occurs or any update you need to include in your app.


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