looking for best wood cribs for your baby?

best solid wood cribs

Looking for the best wood cribs for your baby?


cribs are essential childcare items for birth. Scalable, wooden, folding … Choose the ideal cribs for the baby’s room.
You have just finished decorating your future baby’s room, but you are still missing a very important element: his cribs! Don’t panic, we’re here to help you choose the ideal cribs for your newborn baby. There are many models of baby cribs, so how do you navigate them? Start by taking stock of your needs and desires: do you want to co-sleep? Is the cribs going to be moved and transported often when traveling? Would you like to invest in a single bed that will follow your child until they transition to a queen bed? Budget, design. Once you have defined your criteria, you will know whether you prefer a co-sleeping crib that is installed next to the bed and which is easily handled, evolving cribs with a height-adjustable mattress, cribs of travel, to install in the room as well as with grandparents, or cribs with a unique style for your little wonder. Between the traditional cribs with rocking feet to rock your child, or more current cribs, without rocking. You are spoiled for choice. Today, there are also scripts that can tilt slightly to facilitate digestion for toddlers. There are also cots on wheels, easy to install in your room when the baby is sick, to keep an eye on him in the living room for example. Finally, don’t forget to think about safety! The opening of co-sleeping cribs must be able to lock and attach to the bed for the safety of the baby, a roller crib must have brakes, and everyone must have a firm mattress to limit the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

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Adjustable in 11 positions to adapt to the height of the parents’ bed
Easily open with one hand
Can be used from birth
This crib is very practical for co-sleeping. It is fully scalable: you will be able to sleep peacefully with your baby by your side during his first weeks and then move his cribs to his room. The Next2Me cribs is also adjustable to six heights in order to adapt to the height of your bed, but also to your size. Finally, it can be adjusted in a slightly tilted position to facilitate the baby’s digestion. With its four wheels equipped with a brake, it moves easily.

Cheap baby cribs
From birth and up to 9 kg
Comfortable padded mattress with removable cover
Compatible with all beds
These cribs can be used from birth and facilitate co-sleeping. It can be opened easily and is adjustable in height to seven positions. The Safety 1st Calidoo can tilt to aid digestion, and it comes with two straps to securely tie it to the parent’s bed. The plus: the mattress is removable for easy cleaning.

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Baby cribs on wheels
cribs on casters
Easily transported while traveling
Can be used for the co-sleeping
Thanks to its casters, equipped with a brake, you can move the cribs easily around the house. As it is light and easily foldable, you can also take it with you when traveling. It can also be used for co-sleeping, thanks to its 5-level adjustment, a roll-up rib, and attachments to attach it to the parents’ bed.

Scalable baby cribs
Adjustable to three different heights
Natural wood frame
Casters equipped with a brake
These pretty cribs are practical to follow the evolution of Baby. When the baby has just been born, we can place the box spring up and, as soon as it begins to move and know how to sit, we can place the mattress lower so that it is safe. The box spring has slats and the wooden frame is natural. It is equipped with castors secured by brakes.

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Co-sleeping baby cribs
Suitable from birth to 9 kg
Comfortable mattress
Folds easily
These co-sleeping cribs are to be installed in your room from birth, and as soon as the baby weighs 9 kg. The mattress is very comfortable, and the cribs can be easily installed next to your bed thanks to their sliding function. Under the bed, there is a spacious storage crib, to have all the essentials for a baby close at hand. Supplied with a carrying bag, it folds easily and can be taken anywhere

Baby girl cribs
From birth to 9 months
Bedding provided
These pretty vintage cribs will be perfect for your baby! With its wooden feet, its wicker basket, and its canopy, it is a bed for a little princess. It measures 95 cm in length and 65 cm in width, and it is very cozy. The mattress and bedding are provided.

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