Why are the likes on your YouTube videos not increasing?

likes on your youtube videos not increasing

We studied some questions asked by the people related to a lot of YouTube videos and found that the only question for most people was that the likes on their young videos were not increasing. So in today’s blog, we will tell you how you can increase the likes on your YouTube videos.

If you want, you can also take the help of followersindia, but before that, it will be better that you try the ways that we are going to tell you.

Why is it important to get more likes on YouTube videos?

If you get more likes on your YouTube videos, then apart from that video, you will start to get more views and likes on the rest of the videos. Because when people like one video on a channel, they also watch more videos.

And if you get more likes on your videos, then the Algorithm of YouTube will recommend more videos for your channel.

These could be the reason

You are not sticking to your niche

If you start making videos in every category of content aside from your niche, then the likes on your YouTube videos will not increase. Because of this, your audience will not take interest in your videos and will consider you unprofessional.

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That is why if you put videos in any category, then you can create related content from that. and make changes in your content or in your strategy. Or you completely change your niche and publish content related to it.

Your thumbnails are not that interesting

You must have often seen that videos whose thumbnails are very interesting to look at have a lot of likes and views on those videos. Actually, most of the views come from it only because people get attracted by its thumbnail.

That’s why after making a video, you should make your own thumbnail, or else YouTube will make any part of your video as a thumbnail. For this, you can take a screenshot from that video and put some colorful text on it.

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You don’t start your video with a hook

There is another reason why the likes on your YouTube videos are not increasing. Having a hook is very important in any video. And it should be at the beginning of the video.

If you have seen, many YouTubers say something like this at the beginning of the video or show some such scene so that you watch the video completely to see it. Also, give likes.

For example, some YouTubers watch a lot of money at the beginning of the video and tell them how to do it in their videos. So the money, which he showed in the beginning, will be considered the hook of that video.

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Do you make informative or entertaining content?

You should know that most people like to watch entertainment and informative content on social media, especially YouTube. A user will like your videos only if he has got what he wants from that video.

That is why you have to first understand whether informative content will be right or informative for your niche. Or if you want, you can keep both the elements in your content. It completely depends on your niche.

The quality of your video and audio is very low

In today’s era, a lot of attention is paid to the user experience. If the video or audio quality of your content is not so good, then your video will not get more likes.

because it spoils the user experience. Have you seen any channel that has more subscribers despite the poor video or audio quality? That’s why all YouTubers make videos keeping the user experience in mind.

That is why you can only create content by using a good microphone and smartphone. You may have to spend some money on this, but you will definitely get the benefit of it.


I hope you have read carefully every topic mentioned in this article. Because all these things can be the reason why you are not getting more likes on your YouTube videos.

But if you use everything mentioned in it and still your likes do not increase, then you can also buy YouTube Likes India from a good website. For that, you go to followerindia.com.

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