Leading UK Legal Team Shares Insights Into Defamation

Have you recently been in the kind of situation where someone made hurtful statements about you and now you want to know if you can take legal action against them? There are many reasons why you might consider this and the least of these is the fact that you might feel hurt, embarrassed, or even just angry over what they said. The core of a defamatory statement is that it implies that you are at a lower level than an average person in society. It is the kind of statement that can harm your brand, that can impact your status and reputation in society and that can weaken your financial status. It is also the kind of statement that can cause havoc in your relationships and harm your family.

However, what can you do in this kind of situation and how seriously does the legal system consider such a charge to be? The team at Grant Saw Solicitors LLP states that this is quite a serious offence and if you find yourself in such a situation, it is good to know that your hands are not tied. The Defamation Act came into place in the UK in 2013 and what the act stipulates is that when a statement that anyone has made did cause serious harm to your reputation, you surely have a legal leg to stand on to protect yourself, your family and your brand.

Yet, the question is what would constitute as serious harm? Here the court opt to follow a sensible approach and would consider the conditions when such a statement surfaced. If your legal team can show the courts that the statement in question did bring about some level of harm to you, then you have a case. The legal experts at Grant Saw Solicitors LLP even state that the statement might be true, and you’ll still be able to act against the publisher of such a statement.

One vital point that they do highlight though is when it comes to Qualified Privilege. What this means is that when someone makes such a statement in the workplace about you towards another employee, a professional body or even your employer, then the statement they’ve made might have a negative impact, but the publisher would fall under the safety blanket of Qualified Privilege which might overrule your Defamation suit.

The other situation where this kind of legal action might not bring you the results you are hoping for is when it comes to Honest Opinion and Publication on a Matter of Public Interest. When the statement in question was an aired opinion and enjoys the support of facts that forms the foundation of such an opinion and they can demonstrate that their opinion has caused, your defamation claim might not enjoy the kind of success you would desire.

When it comes to legal actions such as Defamation, the legal waters become somewhat murky. While you would still need to convince the court of the fact that the statement caused you harm, there might be other conditions that can allow the publisher to play the situation in a different direction. Therefore, it is best to take on such a legal process with the support of a team of solicitors that has the necessary qualifications and experience in this field to provide you with the correct legal advice and assistance. They will be able to tell you whether this would be a legal action where you have the favour on your side to win your case or whether it would be best to move on and let go of your concerns.

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