Is Your Bathroom in Need of a Makeover? Here Are Some Signs to Watch Out For

Is Your Bathroom in Need of a Makeover? Here Are Some Signs to Watch Out For

Your bathroom might not be the first room in your house you think of when you hear the word renovation, but it should be! After all, your bathroom deserves to be remodelled just as much as your kitchen or living room does. If you’re not sure whether your bathroom needs a makeover or not, these warning signs can help you make informed decisions.

Cracked Tiles

If your bathroom tiles are cracked, chances are you’re due for a bit of remodelling. Cracked tiles can be an indication that your structure is old or unstable and could pose a hazard if left unrepaired. If you want to reduce any risk of injury (or worse) in your bathroom, it’s best to hire professionals who know how to handle Sydney bathroom renovations.


If you see any kind of mould in your bathroom, including mildew on tiles or grout, it’s probably time for some bathroom renovation. You’ll want to get rid of it as soon as possible before it damages anything else. The longer you leave it untreated, the harder and more expensive it will be to remove. These black spots are a common sign that you need to consider bathroom renovation Sydney; don’t ignore them!


If your bathroom feels like it hasn’t been updated since you first moved in, chances are it has some areas that could use some love. You’re not necessarily going to have a leaky ceiling or old paint peeling off your walls, but if there are scratches and chips in your tile, or if you can see mildew growing on your grout lines, it might be time for a change. In many cases, simple updates like re-grouting and fresh paint are all you need.

Plumbing Issues

One of your faucets is leaking, your showerhead is clogged, and a corner of your ceiling looks soggy: You need professional help. If you have multiple bathroom issues, it’s time for a remodel. Deteriorating paint and caulking are among warning signs that point to bigger problems down the road and they’re all too common in bathrooms from sinks and tubs to showers and tile.

Dry or Damp Patches

If you notice there are patches in your bathroom that are either always wet or always dry, chances are good that your tiles need a bit of work. This may be caused by a variety of things, including improper installation or water damage. If you see any signs of patchiness or discoloration on your walls, it’s definitely time for a remodel. These sorts of problems could eventually lead to mould growth.

Electrical Issues

If your bathroom has a lot of electrical problems, whether it’s outlets that don’t work or light switches that short out, it could indicate underlying issues in your structure. If you notice frequent buzzing, flickering, or dimming of lights, or other electrical disturbances, it might be time for a remodel.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time for a bathroom makeover. Please hire a professional specialising in the best bathroom renovations in Sydney over DIY.

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