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A battery to a smartphone is like an engine to a machine. If the former works better so do the later. These are surely interrelated Life of one depends on the health of others. We, the generation of technology era loves to have an iPhone like advanced gadgets.

Initially, they have a peak impedance level but later on, they have lost their performance. Then it raises a question of panic and stress that why does my battery drain so fast. That’s so frustrating, right?

Generally, we all blame the manufacturer when we encounter battery issues probably but wait, think about it for a bit…ask yourself if you are operating it in the right way? Battery life and charge cycles vary by setting and use. So here are some guidelines on how to charge, use, and maintain a good battery life(Telefoon scherm reparatie oss).

Let’s have a check on other variables too that causes damage to battery health and threatens the battery life of an iPhone.

You use bright wallpapers

We all love using bright wallpapers but every time we use phones for checking

messages, emails, for doing other things it drains the phone’s battery. So try

using some black or white wallpapers that looks classy as well to save your phone’s battery

You put the volume on a high note

It’s quite common to turn the maximum volume when listening to your favorite music

or want to get urgent text or calls resulting in consuming more energy of the battery. Turning the volume down will make a difference.

Experiencing extreme temperatures 

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Extreme heat can run your battery into problems or damage it completely. Let your battery cool down to 32F to 95F for a bit to avoid bad battery performance.

You switch on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Hotspot, and auto-rotate

Keeping them off when you don’t need them extends the battery life because they are one of the best battery hogs.

You receive a lot of notifications 

Every time you get a notification it lights up the screen makes a sound and that

vibrates the phone causing the battery life to cut short. So choose wisely which apps are worth getting a notification to avoid unnecessary alerts.

You do not close extra programs 

You check YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok Snapchat, twitter email on the

phone, then leave them as it is. It causes the phone to do unnecessary background processing making the battery drain fastly. Close them right after using programs to enhance your battery life

You avoid Suspending unwanted apps for background refresh

A smart tool that allows your apps to check for new information at certain locations, time, and battery levels. You have a lot of apps on your iPhone and you don’t usually use all of them so it’s wiser to suspend background refresh for those apps that don’t appeal to you much.

You avoid controlling widgets

You have small “always-on” remote controls for apps that provide you with a quick glance at the activities of apps like the weather widget, Calendars and Reminders, Shortcuts, Google maps, and many more that devours your battery. In order to add some life you need to run control over the apps and turn off the widgets that no longer count on your interest.

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You have maximized brightness                                                                  

Maximizing the brightness is not a good option for making your battery live longer and bad for your eyes too. Try to optimize it according to your personal preferences.

You let the charge gone completely

Just imagine you are enjoying your favorite Movie series and don’t want to miss even a single scene but sadly your screen popped up with the notification of low battery and you just kept ignoring it until or unless your phone dies completely and you are left with no choice other than charging it.

Well doing it too often is no joke for your battery performance. Keep it charged from time to time to enhance its battery life(Coventry Phone Repair).

You don’t have the right charger                       

To prevent battery problems from happening you need to find the right chargers.

Avoid using the cheap cables, cheap chargers, and fast chargers unless or until you want your iPhone to burst or die-off because of their insufficient insulation that leads to shocks.

You do not give a break to your iPhone

Your phone needs rest as you do, for efficient working. We have become addicted to our mobile phones so much that we forgot to give them a break and it stays on 24/7.

On one Side It’s bad for our health hygiene as they emit strong Electromagnetic radiation that can affect you while sleeping and on the other turning your phone off will help you reserve your battery longer.

Your iPhone analytics are on

Want to get a hold on your privacy sharing to Apple and save your battery? Turn off the iPhone analytics as it keeps on sharing your information to apple to make them better in their services and drains your battery.

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Services and Recycling

Do you constantly end up reaching for a charger to charge your battery? Well, it’s time for you to go for a new battery. Lithium-ion batteries are used in all Apple products including iPhones that are designed to empty between 300 to 500 recharge cycles depending on the model.

And after a certain amount of charge cycles, you will be in need of service and recycle it. As batteries age chemically and their capacity to hold bulk amounts of charges diminishes making.

All advanced iPhones from iOS 12.1 to iOS 13.1 have the feature of battery health. It used to remind the battery health and battery’s chemical age. Never ignore such notifications of battery threatens and care for your iPhone. Because the battery of your iPhone is the lifeline of your iPhone.Stay aware, stay soothing!

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