Instacart Clone App: Emerge as the #1 King of the Grocery Industry with Instacart Clone

We are currently in the midst of a huge transformation happening in the Instacart Clone industry. Gone are the days when people used to stand in long queues to get their products billed. With a boom in smartphone usage and rapid penetration of the Internet, we have many online grocery delivery platforms selling millions of goods at affordable prices. They can be accessed 24x7x365 and also provide home delivery of products.

One of the leading grocery ordering and delivery apps in the American market is Instacart. The platform has more than 500 million listed products sold by 45,000 partner stores. From starting as a small grocery platform in June 2012, the company has a current valuation exceeding $39 billion that indicates its massive growth and strong presence in the market.

Why choose the Instacart Clone App?

Instacart Clone

  • Initiating full-scale development of a grocery retail platform like Instacart from scratch is not viable for entrepreneurs due to the huge operational costs and long duration involved.
  • The Instacart clone app is a ready-made and customized grocery delivery app containing a host of features and functionalities.
  • It is available in the form of smoothly-working Android and iOS apps for customers, delivery executives, store managers, and a robust admin panel.
  • The Instacart clone facilitates real-time fulfilment of deliveries to any location.
  • A variety of products like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, alcohol, beverages, seafood, baked goods, frozen food, organic products, household essentials, office supplies, and beauty care items are available for sale.
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Analyzing the business model of an app like Instacart

  • Buyers – Revenue is fetched from shoppers of Instacart by levying a delivery fee for same-day order fulfilment value, and other charges are imposed for 1-hour or 2-hour deliveries and club store deliveries. Buyers can also get free home deliveries by becoming a member of Instacart Express that is available in the form of monthly and yearly plans. The entrepreneur can levy the above-mentioned rate or modify it according to the business requirements.
  • Partner grocery stores – With 45,000 retail store partners in the USA and Canada, plenty of revenue is fetched from standalone grocery stores and grocery chains. They will be asked to pay a certain commission for listing their products on the Instacart clone. The grocery stores benefit from increased sales and a greater market reach.
  • Delivery executives – There are two kinds of delivery executives on an app like Instacart. Some full-service shoppers work independently and ensure timely last-mile delivery. In-store shoppers are also available who just purchase the products ordered by the customers without making any door delivery of groceries. In-store shoppers are mostly students and part-time workers. An initial registration fee for providing a T-Shirt and bag or basket can be charged.
  • Flexibility in changing the business model – The Instacart clone is highly flexible to accommodate various business models like a Grocery marketplace, Aggregators, a Single store app, and a Grocery chain app.

How does the Instacart Clone App function?

  • The users have to register on the Instacart clone platform either through the website or mobile apps.
  • He/She can view the products offered for sale by various grocery stores and the prices.
  • They can add the desired items to the order cart.
  • Process the order by paying the required amount online and mentioning the location for delivery.
  • The delivery personnel utilizes the route planning software integrated into the grocery delivery platform to reach the customers’ location quickly.
  • The customer receives his/her grocery order and can also pay tips to the delivery executive.
  • He/She can rate the quality of the goods and the professionalism of the delivery executive on a scale of 1-5. They can post their reviews publicly in the feedback system.
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The must-have features while creating an app like Instacart are

  • An advanced search and filter option – The Instacart clone has a modern search and filter mechanism for users to find out their desired groceries. They can enter details like keywords, price, ingredients, and name of the retail store. Category-wise segregation of products is done to ensure fast and hassle-free ordering.
  • Real-time order tracking – GPS integration helps shoppers to track their orders on a real-time basis till the delivery executive reaches their location.
  • Acceptance of numerous payment methods – An app like Instacart accepts payments made by customers through the leading debit and credit cards, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), Google Pay, Apple Pay, and UnionPay.
  • Access to order history – Information about previous orders can be made accessible to the shoppers for quick reordering without adding each item to the cart manually.
  • Provision of offers and discounts – The different products sold on the Instacart clone platform are cheaper than supermarkets and physical stores. This is because of the numerous discounts, offers, and promotional coupons. It helps users to reduce their total grocery bill significantly.
  • Flexible cancellation – Customers can cancel their orders anytime before the delivery executive has picked them up for dispatch.
  • Other features – An app like Instacart also has extra features like a rating and review system, easy rescheduling of deliveries, 24×7 customer support available in many languages, a social media login option for the shoppers, sharing of push notifications, an availability toggle, multi-currency support, and access to analytical reports about the business performance for the admin.
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What are the future expectations of Instacart Clone App Development?

Entrepreneurs aspiring for Instacart clone app development will have to ensure the sustainability of the business model in adapting to different market changes. They also have to ensure maximum value proposition for the customers to ensure long-lasting loyalty.

Based on the pace of expansion of the grocery delivery business, the entrepreneurs should open more order fulfilment centres to ensure faster home deliveries to shoppers. Smaller grocery stores can also be acquired for achieving quicker growth.

Robots and drones can also be utilized for high efficiency in warehouse management and delivery fulfilment. Dark store themed automatic fulfilment centres can be started instead of depending on delivery executives to go to each partner retail store and take each product for delivery.

An app like Instacart is a game-changer in the burgeoning digital retail industry and entrepreneurs can make complete use of it to disrupt the market successfully.

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